Tracking History, One Compressor at a Time

At Hycomp, we take manufacturing compressors seriously. When one of our compressors is placed with an end-user we do not believe our responsibility with that customer ends, not even when the warranty period is far past. In fact, we take that service a step further than most other companies.

The Compressor Tracking Record (CTR) is a database where we record all communications regarding individual compressors. It gives us a way to track all historical performance data and order history as well as all communication between the customer and Hycomp. Our CTR database also includes: customer contact information, design conditions, testing results, warranty card, photos, order history and performance history.

How it Works
Using the serial number as reference, we collect as much information as possible every time a customer calls, including: service conditions, changes in operation/application, customers concerns, etc. This information allows Hycomp service technicians to observe performance and diagnose/resolve potential issues before problems and unnecessary downtime turn costly.

Recently, an end-user utilized the Hycomp CTR by recording their own compressor conditions and parameters once a week for three months to track their compressor’s operational conditions and performance. They needed to ensure they would meet their scheduled date for preventative maintenance. This customer was so adamant about their air booster running perfectly—as it was such a critical piece of their pharmaceutical packaging process—that they simply could not afford to have any unscheduled downtime.

After compiling their data, they contacted Hycomp. Hycomp Service Technicians were able to review the performance of the compressor, via recorded data, and assured the customer that their compressor would meet the scheduled date for maintenance. Recording this customer’s conditions and parameters allowed us to keep their compressor running smoothly without a second of unscheduled downtime.

Why is this good for Hycomp Distributors?
Distributors do not need to keep a complete history on every compressor they have sold. Hycomp does it for you. We invite our distributors to use our CTR for sales and information. A distributor reminding an end-user when maintenance issues need to be handled and offering educated advice on required actions and parts purchasing can build a strong relationship of trust with their clients.

We work with our distributors to give them the exact information they need to accomplish this level of service. We are even willing to make those calls with our distributors. We want the compressor you purchase from us to run at top performance for its life, always purring and always producing.