Thriving in a Niche Market

Every company should have a target market in which it thrives. Hycomp flourishes in a market segment that requires oil-free and high quality compression from 0-3,000 psig standard. Most of the larger companies do not even make a product offering in this corner of the market. This helps to make us unique, but that’s not what makes us successful.

Not a “one size fits all” Product Line
We are not looking to be everything to everyone. We do not restrict our customer’s choices to a standard compressor model from a catalog. That is not the Hycomp way. We custom build exactly what you need. This methodology is the backbone of Hycomp’s commitment to its market and one of several important characteristics that differentiate us from the competition: Our products are engineered solutions.

At Hycomp, what makes us truly successful is how we interact with each customer before the sale, then how well we back our product after it is in operation. We take the time to investigate each application to ensure that the chosen compression system exactly matches each requirement. When a new client discovers Hycomp, it is not unusual to hear that they have spent a lot of time and effort searching for a compression system that meets their specific needs. Their search ends when they call us. Hycomp compressors are tailor made to perfectly fit our clients’ individual needs and to provide efficiency, longevity and worry-free service. Add to that our high quality standards, personal customer service and endless technical support, and you begin to see a distinct pattern of why our customers choose us again and again.

Our customers are not the only ones that benefit from the Hycomp niche. Our unique product and services mean our distributors can comfortably carry both large, name brand compressor lines and Hycomp products without conflict in product function or loss of quality.

Hycomp Product Offerings
Air Compressors: When you need continuous oil-free air. Hycomp reciprocating air compressors are designed to provide continuous duty oil-free air up to 450 psig standard. Higher pressures are available. We apply heavy duty construction to incorporate the benefits of large industrial designs into our smaller oil-free compressors.

Air Boosters: When your plant pressure isn’t enough. Hycomp oil-free air boosters are engineered to increase existing plant air pressure. Our oil-free air boosters are a smart alternative to stand-alone compressors or air amplifiers because Hycomp air boosters are more cost effective, last longer and increase your overall energy efficiency.

Gas Compressors: When you need to compress any gas other than air. Hycomp oil-free gas compressors deliver a wide range of flows at pressures from a few psig up to 3,000 psig. We compress gases such as: nitrogen, natural gas, argon, helium, and carbon dioxide, to name just a few. These gases are accommodated with our safe, reliable and flexible oil-free gas compressors.

Niche Market
No matter what the market, it is always a good practice to specialize in something within that market that differentiates your company from the rest. If specialty and high quality were not important, the only stores you would see as you drive through your town would be those big box department locations.. Our specialization is providing solutions tailored to your exact needs. Rather than saying, “This is what we have,” we ask, “What do you need?”