Special Tools & Engineered Solutions

When you are the only distributor around that has the right tools for the job, and when potential customers need help, who are they going to call? They will contact a trained service provider who has the right tools to handle the job with agility and precision.

In any industry, when a majority of products are similar, the same tools can be used on most of the products for maintenance and repairs. However, when a product is specifically engineered to match an application, special tools are often employed.

Hycomp compressors and boosters utilize over 10 special tools to administer precision maintenance. The most often used of which are the SA001, SA003 and SA004.

SA001: Valve Removal
The SA001 is used on all of our compressors that have unloader towers. It is used to remove and tighten the valve clamp screw. This tool will be used every time the valves are removed on a compressor that has unloaded towers. (4,000 and 8,000 hour preventative maintenance intervals).

SA003: Piston Rod Removal
The SA003 is used on all of our compressors. It is used to hold the piston rod in place while removing and installing the compression piston. This tool will be used on all 8,000 hour preventative maintenance intervals or whenever the compressor is disassembled ant further then the compression cylinders.

SA004: Oil & Gas Packing Installation
The SA004 is used on all of our compressors except F-Blocks. It is placed over the piston rods to make the installation of the oil scrapers and gas packings possible. SA005: Oil & Gas Packing Installation is used on our F-Block compressors and boosters. The SA004 and the SA005 are nearly identical; there is only one slight difference; the SA004 is a male connection to the piston rod and the SA005 (F-Blocks) is a female connection.

Special Tools & Engineered Solutions
A majority of the time, Hycomp compressors cannot be worked on without the use of the necessary special tools. Additionally, use of Hycomp special tools provides protection to the compressor and the soft goods. For example; when you are installing a pair of gas packings, each set costing about $300 (most compressors use multiple packing sets), the small cost of a $100 tool makes a lot more sense, especially when you could possibly be installing $1,500 worth of gas packings. If one or more of those expensive gas packings get damaged or chipped, it will not seal properly and then the compressor will have to be disassembled again to figure out which packing is causing the sealing issues. It makes simple sense that the purchase of a relatively inexpensive tool far outweighs the risks of wasting product due to poor or improper installation, not to mention possible extended downtime.

When providing service on a specialized machine, it makes sense to protect that investment by using the right tools for the job. When the proper tools are always used, absolute precision is always obtainable.

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