Rome Strip Steel: Hycomp Service Testimonial

It always feels good when someone tells you that you have done a good job, and it’s even better when a happy customer becomes a friend and trusted ally.

An end-user was having problems with their compressor and they wanted to do some maintenance on the Hycomp valves, but had never done any major work on the unit. The original manufacture was no longer in business and they basically had no one to turn to, so they called Hycomp. Even though we did not manufacture or sell the compressor, the valves being used on the unit were ours. We did everything possible to get them back up and running in a short time frame. The following testimonial is from Leo Angelicola, Electrical Engineer for Rome Strip Steel in New York.

“In 2007, we purchased a metallurgical atmospheric recycling system (MARS) from a company called H2Gen. Unfortunately, H2Gen went out of business in 2009 leaving us with a $1 million machine that was still in the startup mode and that didn’t work well. One component of the MARS is a Knox Western TP

120 reciprocating compressor which was experiencing valve issues. In May of 2010, through the help of Kelly Leitch, a former H2Gen engineer, we contacted your company [Hycomp] for help. Your service technician, Andy Hansen, was in the area and agreed to stop by. Andy was a tremendous help, not only in getting us back on line, but in educating us about the compressor and training us in the rebuilding of the valve assemblies. Since that time, we have purchased all the tools that Andy recommended and are able to rebuild and change valves very quickly.”

Leo then concludes his letter, “I cannot express enough how grateful we are to this young man for what he was able to do for us. It is difficult to keep this system in operation without the support of the OEM, and Hycomp has removed a major obstacle for us. Thanks for your help!”

Andy Hansen recalls that he felt very welcomed when he arrived at Rome Strip Steel (RST), “Leo and the RST maintenance staff gave me a very warm reception and I could tell they were ready to get to work and be trained.”

Andy worked side by side with Leo and the RST maintenance crew as they jumped right into some true hands-on training. “I trained them on the Hycomp valves used on their machine: how to remove and inspect them, how to clean and rebuild them and how to reinstall them, all from start to finish. The maintenance crew was a tad apprehensive about working on the pump as they had never previously taken one apart or had any training on it. By the time we finished they felt a lot more comfortable and confident about handling any future valve issues, and through proper maintenance, they have been able to extend the life of their valves by over 1,000 percent!”

Summing up his trip to Rome Strip Steel, Andy reported: “They listened while I was there and later implemented all of my recommendations and advice. Since my visit they have had success maintaining their valves and Leo has become a good friend and ally when it comes to these MARS units. We have subsequently been able to work together to provide assistance to another company that has one of these machines out in the field.”