Rob Hunt: NEW Hycomp Area Sales Manager

The beginning of this year has been very busy for Hycomp as we have experienced a myriad of jobs come roaring through our main offices. During these first fast paced few months, one bit of news we are pleased to announce is the addition of Robert J. Hunt to our Sales & Marketing team.

Rob comes to Hycomp with over 15 years of experience in manufacturing, production, R&D and sales. Rob explains, “I have been down on the production floor turning wrenches, I understand what it is like to be on the front lines. I also have a solid background in sales and marketing, with a focus in sales training. I want to help the distributors in my area, to not only understand who Hycomp is and what we do… I also want to assist our distributors to find and close more sales.”

Rob is very excited for the opportunity to use all of his past experience in his new position as Area Sales Manager of the Western United States. This means that Rob manages all sales west of the Mississippi, including Hawaii and Alaska. While acting as manager for these areas, Rob will work to improve customer relationships, provide training, and assist Hycomp distributors to increase their sales.

As a very self motivated business man, Rob concludes with this simple statement, “I’m here to assist you and your sales staff to increase your sales. I am here to help you create reliable and duplicatible results with Hycomp.”