Quality VS. Price

No one wants the blame for low quality unreliable equipment. Lower priced compressors may save money on the front end, but more often than not, are costly in the long run.

Comparing Hycomp compressors against lower priced alternatives is actually a lot easier than you may think. The differences can be organized into four main categories: Endless Technical Support, Oil-Free, True Continuous Duty and Quality Construction/Packaging.

Endless Technical Support
Hycomp factory support is second to none. We offer full factory phone-in support 24 hours a day 7 days a week as a standard service at no additional charge. Think of our technicians as valued assets on your team.

Our factory technicians have been involved in all aspects of our manufacturing process, because they start out on the production floor they are literally trained from the ground up. They know firsthand how our compressors are built and exactly what makes them “tick”.

A detailed tracking record for each compressor assists our service technicians in quickly resolving concerns. Every time a distributor or end-user contacts Hycomp about a specific compressor, the service technician taking the call records notes from those communications. Information such as current operating conditions, problems & solutions and recurring symptoms that will help identify potential future problems are recorded for our entire service department to review. Tracking this history allows us to provide better support and build on our relationship of trust with our distributors and end-users. It also provides a valuable knowledge base for similar concerns.

Every compressor and booster Hycomp manufactures is oil-free. Oil-less and oil-flooded compressors have their strengths and their weaknesses. Oil-less compressors can provide a clean air stream, however they are not continuous duty. Most oil-less compressors only provide moderate pressures and while they are often labeled as ‘continuous duty’, we all know that when pushed to their limits for extended periods of time, they fail.

Unlike oil-less compressors, oil-flooded units have no problem providing moderately high pressures continuously, due to their oil lubrication. The obvious downside to oil-flooded compressors is that by design, they push a substantial amount of oil into the air or gas stream which is very costly to clean out, and even costlier when the filtration system fails.

Hycomp compressors and boosters accomplish the best of both worlds by combining their strengths without any of their weaknesses while providing constant high pressure and volume. Hycomp compressors are both oil-lubricated and oil-free. Each Hycomp crankcase is oil-lubricated and fully self-contained via oil scrapers and a distance piece. Oil never enters the heat of compression and therefore never enters the air/gas stream. The compression end, conversely, is entirely oil-free, utilizing polymer based piston rings, and workhorse compressor valves specifically designed for oil-free, industrial type duty.
TRUE Continuous Duty
Continuous duty means something different to those of us at Hycomp. Each Hycomp compressor is engineered to run continuously for 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, nonstop. Oil-less compressors can produce low to moderate pressures at continuous duty, but they tend to fail when providing those moderate pressures continuously for extended periods of time. That is why we say TRUE continuous Duty, because our compressors are literally designed, engineered and manufactured to be run all day every day.

Quality Construction & Packaging

Made in The USA & Fully Stocked.
• Large Design – Small Compressor: (heavy duty construction) Allows the compressor to run at speeds much lower than others, Instead of 1100-1400 rpm we run between 400 and 800 rpm. These lower speeds mean, lower temp, less wear, less vibration and lower valve impact.
• Pressure lubricated crankcase: Every moving part inside the isolated crankcase gets oil.
• Engineer to Engineer communication: Our engineers get involved from enquiry through installation, ensuring an exact fit.
• Microprocessor based controllers providing real time answers and options, allowing for more efficient operation of the compressor system.
• Crankcases, compression cylinders and cylinder heads are made of cast iron and steel. Unlike aluminum, these materials hold their shape and don’t warp at elevated temperatures. Plus they have the added benefit of providing additional vibration dampening.
• Factory Tested: Every compressor, for at least four hours, under application specific conditions.
What does all of this mean?

Our compressors and boosters can operate for years without major component replacement. For example: Our pressure lubricated crankcase allows 24 hour a day operation for nearly 5 years before the main bearing will need to be changed.

Hycomp manufactures high quality compressors that truly separate us from our competitors by focusing on our intuitive engineering, design and materials of construction. Hycomp engineers have designed our compressors to be completely modular. We offer multiple block and cylinder sizes, cooling methods, and packing arrangements. This means we have nearly endless component and material configurations which equates to custom built compressors and boosters without the custom price.

Hycomp compressors cost less in the long-term and provide more peace of mind than the alternatives. Why? Because high quality always beats lower price, when you factor in the hassle of future maintenance parts and labor, costly downtime and having to buy multiple oil-less or oil flooded machines to provide the same longevity and pure gas as one Hycomp compressor.