Pharmaceuticals: Clean & Reliable Compressed Air

Engineering Support Case Study In the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, clean and reliable compressed gas is paramount. Pharmaceutical plants must meet the Food and Drug Administration’s regulations (FDA). If the process and product is not free of contaminates, plants can experience unplanned downtime and possibly be shutdown until recertified by the FDA.

In 2006 Abbott Labs was working very closely with Dave Beacham and Matt Verdu of Atlas Copco to provide the right air booster system and installation arrangement their process needed. Dave recalls interacting with the engineering firm they were working with on this project, “Abbott had the need for high pressure air… the engineering firm came to me and asked me, ‘how do we solve this?’ I said, ‘I know who to call, Hycomp!’”

At Hycomp, our engineers get involved from the outset of each project. Hycomp engineers work closely with the distributor’s and end-user’s engineers to ensure that the right equipment is being matched to the application’s requirements. When all three parties are involved, (the distributor, the end-user and Hycomp) the right solution is identified and everyone is on the same page and understands exactly what is required. We do this for two reasons, to provide the best customer service in the industry and to build solid trust with our distributors and end-users.

Hycomp sales and engineering teams work side by side with our distributors to make sure the customer gets everything their application needs and everything they expect. This often means producing documents and drawings tailored to a specific compressor or booster project. “I asked Ken Schiefer to provide me with a flow diagram of how the whole installation setup would fit together so I could explain things better to my client and solve their problems before they had the chance to occur,” Dave continues, “I received the diagram quickly and it absolutely helped me clearly illustrate the booster arrangement for my customer.”

Hycomp engineering and technical support is always offered for the life of every compressor we manufacture as a standard service and at no extra charge. Whether in the planning and design stages, installation or twenty years down the road, we are here to back up our product 100%. Dave understands the value in this and he has worked with us to provide the best possible solution for his clients, “I have spent enough time working with Hycomp to learn the right method of installation. Once I learned that, all the problems went away. It all comes down to doing it right, and it’s the quality of the install… if you get off that path, nothing works right.”

There is no substitution for a properly integrated system design. With over 40 years in the business, we offer solid engineering and technical support you can rely on. Lean on our engineering knowledge of how to integrate our compressors, to give you exactly what your application needs. Trust… it’s what we build.