Nitrogen Applications On The Rise

The demand for pure, high pressure reliable nitrogen is increasing, and Hycomp has the answers that your clients want.

In the last six months 42% of the inquires we received were for nitrogen compressors and boosters. These inquires represent a wide assortment of applications, such as: pharmaceuticals, steel mills, laser cutting, nitrogen blanketing, autoclaves etc. Moreover, in the last six months, nitrogen pumps represented 35% of the total compressors we manufactured for our distributors.

At the same time that interest is increasing, some of the larger manufacturers are discontinuing production of their gas compressor lines. Opportunities abound for nitrogen applications that our distributors are identifying and capitalizing on. Hycomp continues to manufacture quality nitrogen pumps that are oil free, continuous duty and offer higher pressures.

Many nitrogen applications need higher pressures, whether the N2 supply is coming from bulk nitrogen tanks, dewars or a nitrogen generator. The point of use pressure is often higher than is provided by these means. Hycomp boosters are meeting the needs of various nitrogen applications and our customers keep coming back.

“Hycomp gas compressors have outperformed any other competitor. The units keep up with demand and are cost efficient. Our evaluations show the compressors gave us a payback within an eight month period,” said Eddie Cunningham of Pratt & Whitney, “We tried one Hycomp compressor running our TRUMPF laser cutting machines. We now have four Hycomp gas compressors.”

Hycomp distributors are able to sell our nitrogen compressors based mostly on three main points: Oil Free (nitrogen purity), True Continuous Duty (no unplanned downtime) and low maintenance (quality and longevity). We provide engineered solutions tailored to the operating conditions of individual customers.

Oil Free – Everything Hycomp makes is oil free. Oil will not contaminate your client’s nitrogen supply, leaving their nitrogen pure and their process clean and efficient. When blow molding blister packs for the pharmaceutical industry, laser cutting metal or chemical curing in an autoclave, oil simply cannot be present or the product will be damaged.

True Continuous Duty – Continuous duty means something different to us. Every Hycomp compressor is engineered to run continuously for 60 minutes an hour, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When downtime is not an option, trust Hycomp.

Low Maintenance – Hycomp quality means attention to detail. By holding our materials and production methods to a higher standard, we provide you with industrial duty compressors that outlast and outperform the competition. Hycomp utilizes heavy duty construction that incorporates the benefits of larger designs into our smaller compressors and boosters. We manufacture compressors that provide longevity and continuous oil free service by taking advantage of cast iron cylinders/heads, pressure oil lubricated crankcases, thick PTFE based piston rings and radial tangent gas packings. We match the controls and packaging to our compressor quality, and tailor the whole system for your application.

John Cantu, Operations Manager for US Precision Manufacturing has been using a pair of nitrogen boosters for several years, “The [Hycomp] nitrogen boosters worked great… we liked our first one so much we bought a second unit without even shopping around, we wanted more of what we had.”