NEW Gas Booster Niche & Higher Profits

In the gas compression market Hycomp offers an engineered product that provides the end user with what they need while distributors experience higher profit margins.

Our gas compressor niche basically exists because most large manufacturers do not address the problems that Hycomp compressors solve.

Many of the companies that have been serving this market are also pulling out of the gas compression market, even as it is growing. This increasing demand for gas compressors offers Hycomp distributors very exciting opportunities.

When a customer has a specific application that requires detailed engineering involvement, Hycomp is often the perfect fit. Whether you are dealing with nitrogen assisted laser cutting, the corrosive nature of wet carbon dioxide or compressing methane off a landfill; Hycomp has the answers and the experience to get the job done.

Trust Hycomp to be the experts and lean on our experience of over 40 years, to provide the right solution that each application demands. Our engineers address any and all concerns from the onset by talking directly with the distributor and end user engineers. This way everyone involved is on the same page and moving forward together.

Hycomp oil free gas compressors are capable of delivering a wide range of flows at pressures from a few psig to over 1,500 psig. Multiple gas packing options and our broad variety of existing modular compressor components allows us to offer an extremely versatile line of gas compressors.

We have found that the three most important factors when dealing with gas are: safety, flexibility and reliability.

The most common leaking points in a compressor are along the piston rod and rings. That is exactly why Hycomp utilizes ring and gas packing materials that are specifically matched to the gas or gas mixture being compressed.

Series Plenum Chamber

Hycomp provides three increasingly secure methods of gas leakage control, including our B-Series gas compressors for inert gases, our G-Series for standard industrial gases and our H-Series for extreme gas control.

Hycomp safety does not only protect against gas leakage, we also protect your system and end product. Every Hycomp compressor is oil free. Therefore, your system remains oil free and your product is kept safe from oil contamination.

Our engineered solutions are flexible to your requirements. Bring us your conditions and we will engineer a compressor to match your needs. We gauge compatibility and select materials accordingly. Hycomp does not build a single “one size fits all” compressor. Every compressor and system packaging we manufacture is built for its intended use.

Our modular style of design allows us to utilize a wide range of high quality materials and methods. We offer 2 cooling methods, 9 block sizes, 12+ gas packing arrangements, and over 100 different cylinder sizes to provide nearly endless possibilities to match the compatibility requirements of most industrial gases and applications.

Hycomp gas compressors are designed and built with quality for continuous duty. Our compressors are engineered for slower running speeds to handle a full 60 minutes per hour, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year of actual continuous operation.

The bottom line is your Hycomp gas compressor will provide safe, reliable and continuous compression while keeping your product free from oil contaminates.