Natural Gas Compressor for Ceprot Systems

Ceprot Systems have been a packager of natural gas compressors for well head applications in Estonia and the Baltic region since 2005. They offer engine and motor driven reciprocating and rotary screw compressors.

In mid 2012, Hycomp received a request from Ceprot Systems for a vapor recovery compressor to operate in a remote region of Ukraine. The application required a compressor to recover the natural gas vapors and compress them to a pressure that could be re-introduced into the production system. Due to the remote installation location and lack of cooling water, Ceprot required an air cooled system with very high reliability.

Hycomp was able to build exactly what Ceprot Systems required with an oil-free, air-cooled “F” block compressor and “G” series packing arrangement. This package included a skid-mounted compressor with motor, and air cooled intercooler and after cooler. It was supplied to the Sakhalin gas treatment plant near Kharkov, Ukraine. UKROilDrilling Company, LLC is the company now using the Hycomp compressor via rental agreement with Ceprot Systems.

“The unit is working in a very heavy application and remote location and we have had no service calls in the last six months”, stated Alex Shvets, General Director of Ceprot Systems.

The “G” series packing configuration is designed for service with flammable or hazardous industrial gases. Suction gas is plumbed through the plenum chamber, equalizing pressure on, and providing cooling to the packings. This design incorporates a purge/vent line to prevent leakage of the process gas.
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