Meet Ben Brough: OEM Account Manager

Meet Ben Brough: OEM Account Manager (He speaks “engineering”)
When you contact a company in the compression industry it is very advantageous to connect with someone that truly understands what you are talking about and how to offer specific solutions.

Original Equipment Manufacturer Account Manager, Benjamin Brough, comes to Hycomp with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and over 7 years of sales experience. He understands the technical side of things and can speak that

engineering jargon that causes the general public to wear a blank expression. This talent allows Ben to talk directly to OEM engineers and ensure proper information is exchanged in a way both parties can understand.

Ben has a clear vision of what true sales and customer service ought to be, which has made him a valuable addition to the Hycomp Sales and Marketing Team. “I enjoy the technical side of sales,” Ben explains, “Each application is like a puzzle that I get to solve, and I enjoy getting to know my clients and provide them with real solutions.”

“I look forward to working with current and future OEMs and providing them with solutions to their applications, no matter how detailed.” Ben has an entire sales and marketing team to back him up and build on the tools and the talents he already has. No matter the application details or intricacies of a project, Ben can and will provide the best possible sales and engineering experience when a client calls and needs his help.

Whether it is hydrogen or nitrogen boosting off generators, dealing with deep sea diving breathing gas reclaim units or offshore oil projects, Ben is ready to get right into a project and provide the best possible solution Hycomp has to offer. Every contact is an opportunity to help solve problems and keep applications progressing.