It’s a 189 Mile Party

Hycomp Team Finishes 2010 Ragnar Relay – Utah

If running 189 miles through the mountains of Utah sounds crazy, you are probably a normal and sane individual. If running 189 miles on a team of 12 sounds like a lot of fun, you are a Ragnar runner.

The Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay Race follows a rigorous mountain course from Logan to Park City, Utah. The Hycomp team, “If We Weren’t All Crazy, We’d All Go Insane” finished the full 189 miles while dealing with less than two hours of sleep, blisters, dehydration and leg cramps.

The Ragnar Relay Race is attempted by teams of twelve brave runners whom each run 3 legs that vary between 3 and 10 miles, while the other runners drive to the next exchange point in a van and wait. This is the fifth year of the race, and the second year that Hycomp has participated as a team.

Averaging a 6 mph pace, the team finished in an unofficial time of 31:46:17.8. This time placed our Hycomp team, “If We Weren’t All Crazy, We’d All Go Insane” at a respectable 358th out of 658 coed teams and 47th out of the 84 corporate teams. The team was exhausted, but still smiling, after being part of about 14,000 runners to run the grueling 189.7 mile trail (305.3 km). Everyone had a good time, and certainly developed stronger bonds of respect and friendship.

In 2009 Hycomp ran this relay race as a team and a couple runners couldn’t finish the race so fellow team members ran for them. This year every runner finished all three of their legs. To celebrate their hard earned victory, Team Captain Robert James took everyone out to dinner at the Red Rock Brewery in Park City, Utah.

Team “If We Weren’t All Crazy, We’d All Go Insane” Runners:

Natalie Young21 Miles (33.8 km)
Angela Smith13 Miles (20.9 km)
Barbara Tidwell18.4 Miles (29.6 km)
Kelli Jensen13.1 Miles (21.1 km)
Jessica Sanders14.6 Miles (23.5 km)
Tom Knowles18.1 Miles (29.1 km)
Stacey Moss12 Miles (19.3 km)
Pete Hyde16.5 (26.5 km)
Andy Hansen16.7 Miles (26.9 km)
Spencer Hansen15.3 Miles (24.6 km)
Robert James16.1 Miles (25.9 km)
Brian Lyman14.9 Miles (24 km)