ICDA 2011: Florida – Return & Report

Rob Hunt and Ken Schiefer had the honor of attending the 32nd Annual Industrial Compressor Distributor Association (ICDA) meeting April 17 – 19, 2011. The ICDA meeting is unique in that it is attended by owners and senior management of Gardner Denver distributors throughout the United States and Canada.

The objectives of ICDA include:

1. Provide a vehicle for the solution of common industry problems in an effective and efficient manner.
2. To increase market volume and profits for its members.
3. To provide an effective communication vehicle between manufacturers, distributors and retailers.
4. To promote the anticipation and awareness of change in the economic, social and technological environment and positive reaction of these forces.

These goals are facilitated by holding an annual meeting where distributor owners and senior management get together to solve their challenges.

We were an invited participant to assist executives in solving their sales and market share challenges. Hycomp has experienced continual and significant growth. Rob and Ken shared with these executives a graph demonstrating this growth. We discussed in detail how Hycomp can interface with these distributors so they too can participate in this success. With this foundation, Rob and Ken are working with each of these distributors to provide sales training and support.

Our objective is to multiply our efforts through distributors within the United States allowing all to experience continued healthy sales and market penetration.

Hycomp’s participation was a tremendous success. We want to thank all involved in supporting at the 2011 ICDA meeting and in our sales effort.