Hycomp’s Newest Piece Of Equipment


The ROMER INFINITE 2.0 Portable Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) is Hycomp’s newest equipment addition. The Romer CMM has six joints of fully articulated movement to track and record measurements. This translates to an even higher level of Hycomp quality for our customers.

The flexibility and unlimited movement of the Romer combined with the integrated software and its portability makes this CMM accurate and efficient for quality inspection. Hycomp’s new Romer came equipped with multiple probe selections. An extended probe allows us to reach parts that may have been impossible to measure through previous conventional means.

“The Romer allows us to measure complex parts in a greatly simplified manner. Measurements that were often time consuming and difficult, are now fast and easy,” said Greg Steele, Quality Inspector. Steele, a new addition to Hycomp, has been working with CMM equipment for over three years and was excited to start using the new machine.

Quality inspection efficiency has dramatically increased with the ROMER INFINITE 2.0 CMM. For example: a cylinder head casting would usually take about 30 minutes for a single inspection using traditional equipment such as: calipers, a bore gauge and a height gauge. However, after just 20 minutes of programming, every subsequent cylinder head casting will only take 5 minutes. From a 30 minute process to only 5 minutes, there is really no comparison.

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