Hycomp To Attend 2010 ICDA

31st Annual ICDA Meeting
Industrial Compressor Distributor Association
Palm Springs, California
April 25 – 28, 2010

Ken Schiefer, Area Manager – North America, will be representing Hycomp Inc. at the 31st Annual ICDA
meeting located in Palm Springs, California on April 25 – 27. “I am very excited to talk to Gardner Denver distributors about gas compressors. Hycomp has an amazing oil free gas compressor line, and due to recent events with Gardner Denver, people are coming to us more and more.” said Schiefer.

“Hycomp is moving forward in the natural gas market and making a hard push in the oil industry. Our gas compressors and boosters are 24/7 continuous duty, which is very important in these industries or anywhere unplanned downtime is not an option,” said Schiefer.

Hycomp specializes in oil free compression engineered solutions. Hycomp engineers design oil free air compressors, air boosters and gas compressors to fit the specific demands of each application. At the ICDA meeting, Ken will demonstrate for dealers how Hycomp gas compressors can provide the solutions their clients need.

To explain how Hycomp goes to market, an online distributor training webinar is offered at no charge and with flexible scheduling. Ken enjoys sharing training with Hycomp distributors, “We have experienced only success with our training webinars. Our distributors understand where Hycomp fits into their line cards and they are excited to offer their customers solutions where they previously had limited or no options.”

The Hycomp product line blends well with compressor distributor main product lines because Hycomp sells niche products. This is great news for Hycomp dealers, because Hycomp products do not compete with the products they already sell, dealers are simply provided with more solutions to offer their customers.

Hycomp provides excellent solutions for the following situations:

To sell Hycomp, a dealer simply needs to find one of these three “Hycomp Situations” and then call Hycomp. The Hycomp sales and engineering staff will work closely with distributors to ensure customer satisfaction. Hycomp also stands by its dealers with free continual technical support and advice.

We hope to see you at the 2010 ICDA meeting in sunny Southern California!