Hycomp Runs For Glory?

The 188 Mile 2009 Ragnar Wasatch Back Relay

So what do you get when you load two large vehicles with 2 drivers, 12 runners, and collectively run 188 miles (302.6 km) on next to no sleep? Two vans full of stinky, zombie-like crazy relay runners who are having an amazing time!

The Wasatch Back Relay Race follows a rigorous mountain course from Logan to Park City, Utah. The Hycomp “Performance Under Pressure” team managed to finish it all while dealing with less than two hours of sleep, rashes, blisters, dehydration, cramps and even a bum knee. This is the fifth year of the race, but only the first year that Hycomp has participated as a team. Twelve runners each run 3 legs that vary between 3 and 10 miles, passing a wrist baton to the next, while the other runners drive to the next exchange point in a van and wait.

Averaging just under a 6mph pace, the team finished in an unofficial time of 31:13:45. While not winning any awards, this places them at a respectable 305th out of 438 coed teams. While a total of 650 teams started the race, making it a race of 7,800 runners, only about 600 teams actually finished the grueling 187.9 mile run.

Everyone had a good time, and each group of 6 certainly developed stronger bonds of respect and friendship. Several runners were unable to complete their legs, but supportive teammates substituted for them before or after running their own legs. Many who participated have already agreed to run again next year – even some that initially said ‘no way’, but for whom the draw was too great and have since expressed a desire to do it again!

Team “Performance Under Pressure” Runners:

Kyle Ricks18.4 Miles (29.6 km)
Taryn Ricks13 Miles (21 km)
Maureen Koeven18.4 Miles (29.6 km)
Debbie McGregor13.1 Miles (21.1 km)
Tom Knowles14.1 Miles (22.7 km)
Barbara Tidwell18.1 Miles (29.1 km)
Shanna Futral12.4 Miles (20 km)
Kathy Willis13 Miles (21 km)
Meagan Lachmar16.7 Miles (26.9 km)
Haley Kohfeld15.2 Miles (24.5 km)
Pete Hyde18.4 Miles (29.6 km)
Robert James13.4 Miles (21.6 km)