Hycomp Presentation At AICD

Hycomp has been chosen as a presenter to explain the air and gas booster market on Monday, May 17th during the 2010 AICD meeting in Florida.

Hycomp is very excited and honored to provide this presentation. Hycomp is already a recognized leader in the air and gas booster market and we are rapidly gaining additional traction in the market

with many new applications and additional customers. Hycomp is particularly qualified in booster applications where purity of product, true continuous duty, and long-term reliability are paramount.

The air and gas booster market is one that is often misunderstood; therefore some distributors tend to approach the market with hesitancy. Distributors that have experience and are comfortable handling air and gas boosters have learned when and where to effectively apply these machines and are seeing some solid success.

The presentation will help distributors better understand the market and how to find more opportunities and success. The basics of air and gas boosting will be addressed. We will also delve into some key technical engineering points to help those in attendance fully understand when, where, and why air and gas boosters are excellent solutions.

Distributor and dealer managers continue to ask us for more information about when, where and how air and gas boosters can be sold. We will address a lot of applications that have proven very fruitful for Hycomp. An understanding of these applications, along with an explanation of how to identify and respond to these opportunities will provide a good starting point for those wishing to get a better hold on the air and gas boosting market.

Our goal is to inform you about this niche booster market in an interesting and interactive presentation. We’ll be available to answer any further questions in Booth 204 at the vendor exhibits throughout the conference. We hope to see you there!