Hycomp Goes Synthetic

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Cut the amount of oil changes your compressor needs by 75% by switching to Hycomp’s new synthetic crankcase oil. Hycomp now offers “Hy-Syn” as premium performance crankcase lubrication.

Using Hy-Syn instead of traditional oil equates to 75% longer life, less downtime and lower maintenance costs. The standard oil change interval for traditional oil is 2,000 hours. Hycomp Hy-Syn Synthetic Compressor Oil offers oil change intervals of at least 8,000 hours.

The cost of a single conservatively priced oil change, using conventional oil and if done by an outside service technician, could be about $250 (the bulk of which is labor). An oil change with Hycomp Hy-Syn using the same conservative scale would be around $350. You could pay about $1,000 on four oil changes in 8,000 hours of runtime using conventional oil or about $350 for one oil change in 8,000 hours of runtime by using Hy-Syn. The difference is clear and the choice is yours.

Product Description
Hy-Syn incorporates the highest quality, thermally-stable PAO synthetics fortified with premium non-detergent and ashless additives for maximum protection. Hy-Syn compressor oils contain anti-foam and anti-wear additives. Good foam control reduces heat, oxidation and wear. Water from condensation builds up in compressors and can cause unwanted oil/water emulsions, environmental discharge hazards and rust. Hy-Syn is also hydrolytically stable, resists acid formation and readily separates from water.

How to Use Hy-Syn
Hycomp Service Technician, Andy Hansen explains the ease of switching out your traditional crankcase oil for the more efficient synthetic Hy-Syn, “Switching to Hy-Syn is like an oil change upgrade. Simply change the oil and oil filter as usual and replace the oil with Hycomp Hy-Syn. That’s really all there is to it, just take a little extra care to drain out as much of the traditional oil as possible before using Hy-Syn and remember to never top off or mix Hy-Syn with traditional oil.”

The Hy-Syn Specs
Hycomp offers Hy-Syn in three different ISO/SAE rating viscosities: Hy-Syn 20 (46/20), Hy-Syn 30 (68/30) and Hy-Syn 40 (100/40). Hy-Syn is engineered to handle extreme temperatures, with pour points as low as -54oF and an ambient temp range of 36oF to over 95oF.

The Bottom Line
The upfront cost for Hy-Syn is more than double that that of traditional oil. By comparison, you will only need one oil change using Hy-Syn for every four oil changes using traditional oil. When you calculate the cost of parts and labor for four oil changes, using Hy-Syn dramatically reduces your maintenance expenses while providing increased longevity for crankcase components.

If you want top performance, efficiency and longevity, Hycomp Hy-Syn Synthetic Compressor Oil is the best choice for your crankcase lubrication. For high quality and peace of mind, trust Hycomp.

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