Hycomp Factory Testing

At our Hycomp factory in Northern Utah, we test every compressor we manufacture to ensure that it performs as designed.

Each compressor is tested for a minimum of four hours under application simulated conditions to ensure that the compressor startup is safe and reliable.

After successful completion of testing a Hycomp Performance Certificate is prepared by our Quality Department and shipped with the compressor. This documents that the compressor has met our stringent performance and quality standards, while listing out several of the key test parameters and requirements such as: gas being compressed, inlet and discharge pressures/temperatures, and flow.

Our testing involves actual run time. During the first two hours of testing, known as “the break-in period,” the compressor is run at a reduced load. This allows the piston rings to seat themselves against the cylinder walls and the rod gas packings to wear to an exact fit with the rod. The compressor is then brought up to the maximum design condition for two or more hours of run time.

To verify performance with end user requirements, each compressor is monitored by a data logger for the entire testing process. The data logger records measurements such as: inlet/interstage/discharge temp & pressure, flow rate, coolant temp, motor amp draw and oil pressure. System control functions of the compressor are also tested to ensure proper function and system response.