Hycomp Factory Startup

Two key questions often come up during a capital equipment purchase. “How many other unforeseen expenses are there going to be?” and “How long will it take to be up and running?”

Hycomp Factory Startup eliminates these concerns and includes: an additional six months manufacturer warranty, efficient and worry-free startup, assurance that proper installation guidelines were followed and system training for end user technicians.

When Hycomp Factory Startup is purchased, you have our commitment that an experienced Hycomp technician will: a) Guide you through a correct installation process. b) Be on-site to perform a pre-start inspection and factory startup procedure, which includes: dynamic control checks, application tuning, and scope of supply validation.

Larry Smith, Plant Electrical Engineer at Gerdau Ameristeel commented recently on the help he received from Todd McGregor, Hycomp Service Manager, during a Hycomp Factory Startup. “Todd explained all the ins and outs of our Hycomp compressor to me and our technicians: from why the oil pressure starts out low, to how to drain the water out of the system to extend compressor life. His advice went beyond what we would regularly expect and this has made our system even more reliable.”

McGregor explained the three most common installation mistakes that he has seen when he goes out to provide Hycomp Factory Startup:

1. Foundation Construction. Reading and following the Hycomp Installation & Operation Manual, may seem like a simple task, but sometimes it’s the details of simple things that are overlooked. Reciprocating compressors can produce mild to moderate vibration. If improperly mounted to a foundation or if an improper foundation is used, problems can occur during operation. Hycomp technicians work closely with all of our factory startup clients to be sure that they have the best advice and we make ourselves available to answer any questions or problems they may have.

2. Lack of Inlet Cleanliness and Filtration. “It is very common to have debris issues if you have a lot of welded or even threaded piping in front of your compressor without proper filtration,” said McGregor.

3. Maintenance Access. When maintenance is needed, access to the compressor is essential. For example: hoists are necessary to remove the cylinder heads of our larger sized compressors and if adequate access has not been provided then future maintenance is more difficult. Hycomp works with all of our factory startup clients to ensure that the Installation & Operation instructions are understood and utilized.

Once your compressor is up and running as designed, Hycomp continues to provide tech support at no additional charge. We want you to feel like you can call Hycomp directly with any questions you may have. Anytime.

Commenting on technical support calls, McGregor said, “Our customers can call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. We will do our best to get them the answers they need so their Hycomp equipment is operating in a correct manner.”

Larry Smith, of Gerdau Ameristeel, commented further on the support he received from Hycomp after startup. “Most people are willing to help a customer until they get paid, then their interest to help tapers off. I have been in contact with Todd McGregor since the factory startup via email and over the phone and he has been very willing to provide additional technical support and advice.”

At Hycomp, our ability to respond to customer questions and concerns is very important to us. We want our customers to be satisfied with our product and our organization. We also have great distributors to help trouble-shoot and provide constant local support and we use all of these resources to effectively serve our distributors and customers.