Hycomp Digital Control: Smarter & Easier

Our customers spoke to us about potential improvements to the “Hycomp Digital Controllers” and specifically our HDC2 controllers, and we listened. Hycomp has completely overhauled the programming in our compressor digital control systems to streamline usability and increase functionality. We also continue to offer our standard level of control, the HDC1.

The Hycomp Digital Controller: Level 2 (HDC2) now includes several new features:
• Redesigned Process Overview and Details Screens
• Pump Up test Compressor Diagnostics
• Savable User Settings
• Restore Factory Default Settings

The Process Overview and Details Screens have been completely overhauled. Visual system improvements were made by moving from a text based interface to a graphical platform. The new design of the HDC2 interface has made navigation between screens more intuitive and user-friendly.

The Pump Up Test feature allows the user to run a diagnostic test to calculate flow to ensure the compressor is performing as designed. This gives you an estimated SCFM, and takes only a few minutes. No guess work, nearly fool-proof and a much easier way to perform a pump up test. If the flow is irregular, the collected diagnostic information can be used to accurately discover compressor performance issues.

Savable User Settings and Restoring Factory Default Settings were put in place to save our end-users and distributors time, money and to alleviate stress. Basically, if a user were to overwrite settings that they then needed again they now have two options. Instead of frantically calling their distributor and then Hycomp, a user can simply restore the compressor to their saved settings or even back to the factory settings the compressor was specifically designed to run at. No need to worry, every Hycomp HDC2 control system has got you covered.

Both the HDC1 and HDC2 continue to offer the option for energy savings using a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). VFD’s are used to provide tighter pressure control of either the discharge, or the suction, by varying the speed of an electric motor. The VFD also allows your electric motor to consume less energy because the VFD parallels motor speed and energy usage to match the demand of the application.

No matter what level of monitoring and control your application requires, Hycomp offers the digital control options to give you exactly what you want, when you want it. However, our offer of 24 hour a day free and endless tech support still stands; if you need us at any time of the day–give us call.