Hycomp Awarded Petrofac Contract

Hycomp, Inc. has been awarded a compressor design, build, installation and service contract by Petrofac International LTD. Petrofac is one of the largest design, build and investment companies for oil & gas production projects in the Middle East with annual revenues of $3.3

Billion (USD) and a backlog approaching $8 Billion (USD). Hycomp will be supplying Petrofac, the primary contractor for the El Merk Central Processing Facility (CPF), with a nitrogen gas compressor system that will be used for fire suppression.

This Hycomp nitrogen gas compressor system will be boosting 80 psig of nitrogen up to 565 psig then delivering it into a nitrogen storage vessel. The high pressure nitrogen will then be discharged to the Hot Oil Fired Heater snuffing application in the event of a fire. Hycomp is also providing Petrofac with engineering services prior to installation and onsite technical support/services after installation.

Due to the severe weather conditions of the Algerian Sahara Desert, Hycomp is providing a 3-stage air cooled gas compressor specifically engineered to handle the sandy desert conditions and extreme temperatures of -5˚ to 60˚ Celsius (23˚ to 140˚ F). Coupled with these tough environmental conditions, the Hycomp Compressor must also meet ATEX certification and have explosion proof system packaging.

The El Merk CPF will be operated by Sonatrach and Anadarko
on behalf of the El Merk partners: Sonatrach, Anadarko, Maersk Oil, Eni, ConocoPhillips and Talisman (Algeria) BV. The El Merk CPF is located in the 208 block of the Berkine Basin of Algeria (see image above), approximately 550 miles South East of Algiers, Algeria. Oil and gas from this development will be primarily exported to European markets.

Petrofac’s decision to utilize Hycomp for this large scale oil and gas project continues to solidify Hycomp as a leader in engineered solutions for oil free compressors. Hycomp is making a strong push in the oil & gas industry and proving very successful where safety and reliability are paramount.

Commenting on the award, Robert James, President and CEO of Hycomp Inc. said, “Petrofac is extremely careful with whom they do business. To be considered for this project we submitted to an extensive 3rd party audit of our quality management system. The fact that we were awarded the Petrofac project is a testament not only to the quality of our actual product, but to the quality and engineering processes that we have in place.”