How To Size A Compressor: Application Worksheet Success

When we say Hycomp offers engineered solutions, we mean just that. Hycomp oil free compressors are not “off the shelf” or “one size fits all.” We engineer each compressor for specific applications.

A well built compressor is like a tailored suit, exact measurements need to be recorded and followed or the suit will not fit properly. Hycomp compressors are engineered to be an exact fit for their intended use and the Application Worksheet helps provide all the necessary measurements.

“There are so many variables when sizing a compressor,” said Terry Terwelp an outside salesman for Sullair of Houston, “The Hycomp engineering support is very helpful.”

At first glance, the Application Worksheet may be slightly intimidating; there is a lot of information required to provide the right solution. However, Hycomp engineers are ready to help our distributors and end users. By talking directly with the end user engineer and distributor, Hycomp engineers are able to discuss the application and not only provide a solution tailored to the situation, but solve any potential problems before they can occur.

We call this business approach: Engineer to Engineer or “E2E”. When the distributor and engineers from both sides of the sale communicate directly, the project moves forward faster while both product and purchase confidence increase. Mike Tiedt, Vice President of Sales for A-1 Air Compressor Corporation was very impressed with the Hycomp sales process, “Hycomp’s engineering involvement was very useful… They [Hycomp] really worked hard to help us get the order.”

There are some things on the Application Worksheet that appear more important than others, such as: gas, point of use pressure or flow. The hazardous location classification (Class/Division/Group) is an important factor when dealing with potentially hazardous gases. However, everything is important, as all information is necessary to provide the best possible solution. When Hycomp engineers get involved, customer satisfaction increases as the compressor is tailored to provide an exact fit for your application.