Heavy Duty Industrial Compressors

Hycomp compressors are designed, engineered and manufactured with two main goals in mind. 1) To provide performance that exceeds expectations and 2) To produce safe oil-free compressors and compressor systems that outlast the competition.

We exceed our customer’s expectations by offering high quality specifically engineered compressors. Each compressor is manufactured for its intended application. Our modular style of engineering and manufacturing creates nearly endless compression possibilities.

Hycomp compressors and boosters are uniquely flexible, allowing us to meet your needs rather than you changing to meet our specifications. By combining the modularity of our compressors with high quality materials, dependable components and innovative engineering, Hycomp compressors outrun and outlast the competition.

In the fall of 2005 Jeff Jeanguenat, System Engineer for PPL Susquehanna explained how impressed he was with the operation of the four Hycomp compressors they purchased in 1979. “All four Hycomp compressors have operated reliably for their entire lifetime. The maintenance is straightforward and inexpensive. The factory support is outstanding. I have not experienced any compressor failures in their operating history,” Jeff continues, “I would highly recommend the Hycomp reciprocating compressors to anyone who desires reliability and endurance in their compressed gas systems.”

Cast Iron & Steel Construction
Our crankcases, compression cylinders and cylinder heads are made of cast iron and billet steel. Unlike aluminum, these materials hold their shape and don’t warp at elevated temperatures. The result is long term continuous duty and dependable performance, plain and simple.

Plenum Intake
Our unique “Plenum Intake” design receives intake air/gas below the compression cylinder through the plenum chamber. This innovative style of intake and compression provides three major benefits: cooling effect on rings and packings, balanced piston rod loads & a small internal air/gas reservoir.

Oil Isolation
Our distance piece works in conjunction with our piston rod oil scrapers to isolate the oil in the lubricated lower end from the oil-free compression (top) end. Scrapers remove oil from the piston rods while the open distance piece protects against oil vapor entering compression. Plainly put, our compressors are both oil lubricated and oil-free, and as such we utilize the best attributes of both worlds: oil-less and oil-flooded.

Oil-less compressors provide a clean air/gas stream, however they cannot provide higher pressures at continuous duty. Oil flooded compressors can handle higher pressures at continuous duty but contaminate the air/gas stream, forcing the operator to use high pressure filtration, which is very costly and requires a high level of maintenance.

Inside Hycomp compressors the oil never experiences the heat of compression and is therefore never introduced into the gas stream. Hycomp compressors simply utilize all of the strengths of oil-less and oil flooded compressors, but none of their weaknesses.

Lower Speeds
Instead of running at speeds of 1100-1400 rpm we run between 400 and 800 rpm. These lower speeds offer cooler running temperatures, less wear per stroke, less vibration and lower valve impact forces.

Crosshead Design
Hycomp transfers the rotary motion of the crankshaft to reciprocating motion through the use of a crosshead piston. Our compression and guide rings never experience the side thrust of rotary motion. This means the rings wear evenly and the overall life of your compressor is dramatically extended.

Pressure Oil Lubricated
Our crankcase is pressurized to provide generous lubrication to all moving parts and bearings. Unlike splash lubrication that spreads oil sporadically, the oil in a Hycomp crankcase is liberally delivered with pinpoint accuracy via an oil pump and riffle drilled channels through the crankshafts and connecting rods. This pressurized lubrication system decreases running temperatures, allows for higher discharge pressures and provides compressor longevity.

We take compressor manufacturing very seriously; we also take great pride in our finished product. Hycomp means quality and every compressor that leaves our factory is tested to ensure it meets our high standards of quality. When you purchase a Hycomp compressor you are not just buying a machine, you’re buying quality compression equipment that is built to last and has the lifetime factory support to back it. Buy quality, trust Hycomp.