Fully Packaged to Your Application

Hycomp compressor packaging is high quality, safe, flexible, and reliable. Our engineers are the compressor experts so you don’t have to be. We will work with you to engineer a compressor system tailored to your exact application requirements.

When your compressor system needs specialized packaging, Hycomp provides the options to get your process running safely while maintaining worry-free service. Our packaging options are organized into four main categories: specialized design, control panels, skid construction and motors.

Specialized Design
When compressing air and other gases at higher pressures the components used must stand up to the rigorous demands placed upon them. And when our clients bring us specialized requirements we design what their application needs. Hycomp engineers have often designed components for specific requirements and conditions, such as: “shell and tube” water cooled aftercoolers to handle 3000 psig, brazed plate (flat plate) interstage coolers to regulate interstage pressures at 1000 psig, and balanced piston rings to deal with the severity of high pressures.

Safety is absolutely paramount when designing and manufacturing gas compressors. When a potentially explosive substance is present under normal operating conditions, the right explosion proof packaging must be utilized to meet regulations and keep personnel safe. Each compressor is packaged, using high quality components and materials, to meet regional safety standards.

Hycomp quality means attention to detail. We match the controls and packaging to our compressor quality, and tailor the entire system for your application. Our clients often have specific requirements that demand innovative engineering and design specific to their application. To manufacture high quality compressors, Hycomp utilizes high quality components that are both high performance and long lasting.

Hycomp is currently working on two different projects that will experience very harsh ambient conditions. One project is being designed to handle ambient temperatures as low as -50o F and needs to be mounted inside a mobile trailer, while another project is engineered to withstand temperatures as high as 160o F on desert tundra. Our modular style of engineering and manufacturing creates nearly endless compression and packaging possibilities to handle nearly any conditions.

Control Panels
Even the best compressor in the world would be a headache if it were difficult to operate. To create a more simple and precise user interface, Hycomp provides the Hycomp Digital Controller or HDC. Hycomp provides two levels of control to meet your applications needs, the HDC1 and HDC2.

The HDC1 is Hycomp’s factory standard level of control. The HDC1 offers precise control of your compressor system. Settings are all easily adjustable and current system values are displayed on the main screen at all times. “Click here for more information about the HDC1”

The HDC2 provides all the benefits of the HDC1, plus additional monitoring and individual troubleshooting screens. This additional information is invaluable for complete control and a full understanding of everything your compressor is doing in real time. When required, the HDC2 can also be remote mounted for ease of use and safety. To learn more about the HDC2, please read the HDCs & VFDs article by clicking here.

Hycomp also offers an energy savings option by combining an HDC2 with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). Your HDC2 microprocessor can be configured to automatically adjust compressor speeds to match your demand requirements, while saving energy and wear on the compressor.

Hycomp control panel packages are built to meet the safety rating system requirements for your region and application, such as: NEMA, IP and ATEX rated control panels. To learn more about XP packaging and when it applies, please see our Question and Answer article:“How does Hycomp handle XP packaging?”

Skid Construction
Some applications require modified compressor skid mounting. Whether you need to mount the compressor on top of a tank, the footprint needs to fit into a particular area, or if you need a complete “plug and play” system, we will work with you to provide a solution. We design and manufacture compressor systems to your needs and requirements rather than you having to change your requirements to match our compressors.

Our motors and motor enclosures are also tailored to meet various safety rating systems, such as: NEMA, IP, ATEX… etc. Hycomp electric motors are sized and specified to your operating requirements and to comply with recent US federally mandated energy standards, Hycomp utilizes premium efficiency motors.

The bottom line is that our compressor packaging is designed for one purpose: to give you exactly what your application needs. Hycomp has been manufacturing engineered solutions since 1969. We have the engineering experience and expertise you can trust. We manufacture high quality packaging and controls to ensure your Hycomp system performs to its full potential for a very long time, giving the system operator the performance and reliability they need.