Full Hycomp Factory Support

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Hycomp offers full factory support. When you need us we will be there for you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week as a standard service.

We stand behind our product 100%, which also means we stand behind our distributors and end-users. No matter what happens we will do everything in our power to make sure that at the end of the day our customers can say they trust Hycomp to get the job done right. We offer our support in three main categories: Free Unlimited Technical Support, Factory Startup and Factory Service.

Free Unlimited Technical Support
Our factory support commitment begins from the moment you purchase a Hycomp compressor. Hycomp provides free unlimited technical support for every compressor we make. This 24 hour a day and 7 days a week service is offered at no additional charge.

We understand that downtime can be expensive. If there is a possibility that troubleshooting and repair can be managed over the phone, we always want to make that happen. Our Service Technicians will work with you to answer all your questions and concerns.

As part of our goal to provide the best service in the industry, we also keep a complete history on every compressor we manufacture. Every time a distributor or end-user contacts us about a specific compressor we create notes from those communications and record them in our Compressor Tracking Database. This information is confidential and retained for the life of the compressor.

A compressor tracking database is a rare service in the compressor industry. Tracking the history of each compressor allows us to provide better service and technical advice when you need us the most and before a significant problem presents itself. For example: if a compressor has been experiencing small problems periodically, it may be a symptom of a larger issue that the customer may not realize. We simply want to show our customers our appreciation for choosing Hycomp by offering a higher level of support and service.

Hycomp Factory Startup
Two main questions often come up during a capital equipment purchase. “How many other unforeseen expenses are there going to be?” and “How long will it take to be up and running?”

Hycomp Factory Startup eliminates these concerns and provides peace of mind with an additional six months manufacturer’s warranty, efficient worry-free startup, and assurance that proper installation guidelines were followed.

Proper Installation

When Hycomp Factory Startup is purchased, you have our commitment that an experienced Hycomp Technician will: 1) Guide you through a correct installation process before arriving onsite. 2) Perform a thorough installation inspection onsite. 3) Perform a detailed Factory Startup procedure including dynamic control checks, application tuning, and factory training for onsite staff.

Larry Smith, Plant Electrical Engineer at Gerdau Ameristeel commented on the help he received from a Hycomp Service Technician, during a recent Hycomp Factory Startup. “He explained all the ins and outs of our Hycomp compressor to me and our technicians: from why the oil pressure starts out low, to how to drain the water out of the system to extend compressor life. His advice went beyond what we would regularly expect and this has made our system even more reliable.”

Hycomp Factory Startup not only provides peace of mind, it is simply the best and most efficient way to get your Hycomp compressor up and running. Each compressor is fine tuned to application specific conditions and requirements. Trust Hycomp to get your process moving efficiently and safely.

Factory Service
Whether you need regularly scheduled maintenance and service or a complete compressor overhaul, Hycomp Factory Service is here to help.

Hycomp Factory Service is a straightforward process. If the concern cannot be handled over the phone or if the distributor would simply prefer a Hycomp Factory Service Technician to handle the service in person, we can make that happen for you.

Cylinder Scoring

Hycomp strives to excel in our service reporting. As service is performed, it is documented via photographs (when possible and where permitted) and through detailed notes. Our technicians go into great detail explaining what was done and also offering advice and action items to improve system performance and longevity.

We make an extra effort to explain how to prevent similar problems in the future through proper maintenance, operation and system improvements. You will also be provided with a list

of action items that need to be completed by either the end-user, Hycomp or both. The service report will also contain suggestions for the compressor that will increase efficiency and dependability.

We take our factory support seriously as we work with our customers closely to ensure satisfaction. We have found that it is important that all parties involved understand exactly what to expect before, during and after any service has been rendered. Customer satisfaction is very important to us and that is how we have been doing business since 1969.