Full Control & Energy Savings

The inclusion of the Hycomp Digital Controller (HDC) increases your compressor’s efficiency, precision and ease of use. It basically comes down to this question: When you need to adjust the discharge pressure or temperature switch, do you want approximate or precise adjustments?

A Hycomp Digital Controller will provide exact setting control. For example: when you enter 411 psig discharge pressure, you get precisely 411 psig. By comparison, when using an analog control panel, you only get close approximate settings.

The HDC1
The HDC1 is Hycomp’s standard level of control which gives you the ability to monitor and control your compressor system with precision. Current system values are displayed at all times on the main menu screen for quick and easy reference, while an hour meter serves as a Preventative Maintenance (PM) reminder.

For your operational convenience, the HDC1 monitors the following: oil pressure, suction pressure, discharge pressure, discharge temperature and motor overload. The HDC1 also provides the following capabilities and information to keep your compressor system running smoothly: PM hour meter indication, trouble alarms, shutdowns, digital readout of system values and digital entry of set points.

The HDC2
The HDC2 gives you all the benefits of the HDC1, plus additional monitoring of interstage pressures and temperatures, password protection, event history, troubleshooting walkthroughs, and Ethernet communications. The individual troubleshooting screens are invaluable when diagnosing potential problems with your compressor, while the event history provides a clear indication of current and past operation. With the inclusion of TCP/IP communications ability, you can remotely monitor and control your entire system. A larger full color touchscreen is also included to facilitate ease of use.

Energy Savings: The VFD Solution
Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s) are used to vary the speed of an electric motor. They do this by altering the input/output frequency of the electric motor. The VFD will allow your electric motor to consume less energy because the VFD fluctuates the motor speed and energy usage to match the demand of your application.

Think of how a VFD works as the difference between a standard on/off light switch in your home and a modern dimmer light switch. But, this dimmer switch responds automatically to the need for light in the room per your control settings. You use less energy because the VFD provides exactly what your process needs when it needs it. The control logic is based on standard PID functions, which are field adjustable to match your local conditions. Hycomp proudly offers this energy saving option with our HDC2 packages.

No matter what level of control, monitoring and precision your application requires, Hycomp offers the packaging options to give you exactly what you want, when you want it. For packaging that provides precision, safety and energy savings, trust Hycomp.