Distributors: Working The Hycomp System

In the world of compressor sales, knowledge is power. Becoming a Hycomp Distributor via our “Hycomp System” of training and partnership gives our distributors the knowledge to better understand their client’s needs and to offer solutions where they once had gaps in their line card.

We published an article in our July Newsletter that highlighted our distributor training program. This program trains each distributor on Hycomp products, and helps each individual salesperson feel confident in offering Hycomp solutions to their clients. It also illustrates how the Hycomp product line enhances rather than takes business away from our distributor’s main compressor lines. Hycomp is a niche product, and it is this niche that makes a Hycomp distributorship so valuable.

In our July newsletter, Area Sales Manager Rob Hunt reported, “When compared to the number of quotes in April – July of 2010, the Western US produced a 260% increase in quotes for those same months in 2011.” Those statistics have improved since then; the following paragraph is a sales report for May – August 2011.

The Western US Territory (West of the Mississippi, Alaska and Hawaii) has increased at an average of 390% in quotes each month. Moreover, the Western US territory has increased in monthly gross sales by 798%. That is astounding, and we would like to thank our distributors that have received training and stepped up their efforts. We have also seen an 800%, increase in contacts coming directly to Hycomp; those hot leads have then been handed directly to our trained and qualified distributors.

The “Hycomp System” has become a great tool for success! More and more distributors are building the foundations for their future success by embracing a partnership with Hycomp. Sales associates from our distributor force are finding that they are stacking the odds heavily in their favor by including our Area Sales Managers as a part of their team. We have been involved in training, business planning, marketing, and presenting Hycomp compressors via webinar. In several cases our distributors have been so excited about utilizing the Hycomp system that they have asked Our Area Sales Managers to provide mini webinar training sessions on a monthly and bi-monthly basis to consistently update and train their sales people.

Two NEW training sessions offer a detailed focus on the products and associated applications:
• Air Booster Sales Training
• Gas compressor Sales Training

Additional training and sales programs COMING SOON:
• Pre-recorded distributor training, available 24-7. Distributors will be able to review Hycomp training modules and train sales associates.
• How to Sell and Close Hycomp Applications.
• Hycomp Power Point Presentation. Distributors can use this tool to present Hycomp quotes to clients.
• Hycomp Flip Chart Presentation. This is a valuable asset in presenting face to face client quotes.

The Hycomp Sales and Marketing Team are working hard to have these new tools ready and in our distributor’s hands as soon as possible. But we will not be stopping there, more sales tools are on the horizon. There has never been a better time than now to be a Hycomp distributor.