Distributor Training: Closing More Sales

Hycomp Distributor Training explains where we fit into your sales plan. We sell a niche product and are not looking to overtake any of your main product lines. We simply offer engineered solutions where others do not.

Receiving training offers many benefits, some benefits are obvious while others are not. Sometimes an end-user comes directly to Hycomp and requests a quote. When this happens, we try to match them with a trained distributor located within their area. This doesn’t happen every day, but it happens more often than one might think.

Distributor Training
Last year we trained a distributor in the Southeastern United States. A few months later, a nearby steel company requested a quote directly from Hycomp for a nitrogen blanketing application. Hycomp Area Sales Manager, Ken Schiefer, felt confident our newly-trained distributor in that area could assist this company. Ken knew the distributor understood our products and knew how to sell them. A nitrogen booster was sold and is currently in operation.
That particular steel company was so impressed with the Hycomp equipment that they are currently looking at installing the same unit is several sister plants across North America. All sales will be going through trained Hycomp Distributors.

Training Slides
Our distributor training is specifically designed to provide you with the tools you need to make more high-dollar sales and build a deeper relationship of trust with your clients. They will know that when they have a problem, you have the solution.
“If opening up a distributor’s options to more quotes/opportunities is our goal (which it is), then the Hycomp Distributor Training can be called a huge success,” commented Rob Hunt, Hycomp Area Sales Manager, “When compared to the number of quotes generated in April, May & June of 2010, the Western US produced a 260% increase in quotes for those same three months this year! This just happens to parallel when the new distributor training was introduced and implemented with the distributor force.”

No matter what your needs are as a distributor or what markets you serve in your area, we offer the training that provides you with greater access to high-quality engineered solutions for your clients. Give them solutions – not just products. In return, they will give you loyalty – not just their business.

Major topics covered in initial training session:
• Who is Hycomp / The Hycomp Niche
• When & How to Sell Hycomp
• Industries & Applications
• Distributor Protection
• Sales Process Help