Discontinued Lines – Hycomp Has The Answers

Finding replacement parts for discontinued compressor models can feel like a wild search for buried treasure. If and when the parts are found the worry is still ever present concerning future maintenance.

Given the current economy, many of Hycomp’s main competitors are going through a product rationalization program. This reason is pretty straight forward, increase profits by reducing costs. The biggest loser in situations like this is the customer who purchased these discontinued model numbers in good faith, believing they would never have replacement parts issues. In some situations, the only way to obtain replacement parts was to buy a used machine and harvest parts from it. A simple online Google search will yield only a handful of these used discontinued compressors for sale.

In some cases, discontinued products are being replaced with wider range units that are not able to perform at the same level as the originally purchased units. One such discontinued air compressor, which was well known for its long lasting oil-free service and most commonly used for food and pharmaceutical applications, has been replaced by a lesser machine. The discontinued series has been replaced by oil-less compressors that claim to provide nearly the same service, but in fact, experience two major limitations:

1. Continuous Duty: Oil-less compressors struggle to provide higher pressures and have a shortened life span when operating continuously. The main reasons being sealed ball bearings, lesser materials and higher RPMs.

2. Higher Pressures: Due to the crankcase design and use of sealed bearings and therefore limited lubrication, these replacement oil-less compressors are unable to handle the increased load requirements necessary to provide higher pressures.

Enter the Hycomp Oil-Free Air Compressor
Not only will Hycomp air compressors handle the heavy duty industrial applications of the discontinued lines, it will provide truly continuous duty oil-free air. In many cases Hycomp air compressors are being purchased specifically to replace these failing compressors that could not be maintained due to lack of replacement parts. As other companies are discontinuing product lines to lower their operating costs, they are also sacrificing quality and longevity. Hycomp continues to maintain high quality oil-free compressors for continuous heavy duty operation as we always have since 1969.

Hycomp Air Compressor Capabilities:
Up to 450 psig Standard, Higher Pressures Available
Up to 75 HP
1, 2 and 3 Stage Units Available
Flows to 150 scfm

Building a Better Compressor: Oil-Free Vs. Oil-Less
Hycomp manufactures high quality oil-free air compressors that are designed for reliable continuous duty and longevity. There are 5 main factors in how we are able to accomplish this: 1) Materials of Construction, 2) Oil Isolation, 3) Crosshead Design, 4) Pressure Lubrication and 5) Lower Speeds.

Materials of Construction:
Our crankcases, compression cylinders and cylinder heads are made of cast iron and steel. Unlike aluminum, these materials hold their shape and don’t warp at elevated temperatures. The result is long term continuous duty.

Oil Isolation:
Our distance piece works in conjunction with our piston rod oil scrapers to isolate the oil in the oil lubricated lower end from the oil-free compression end. Oil scrapers remove oil from the piston rod while the open distance piece protects against oil vapor entering compression.

Crosshead Design:
By transferring the rotary motion of the crankshaft to reciprocating motion through the use of a crosshead piston, our compression and guide rings never see side thrust, dramatically extending ring life.

Pressure Lubrication:
Our crankcase is pressurized to provide generous lubrication to all moving parts and bearings. The oil in our crankcase is liberally delivered with pinpoint accuracy. In oil-less compressors the oil is sealed inside the ball bearing cases and not consistently circulated. This leads to more issues with heat and more ware and tear on the moving parts, especially at higher RPMs. The Hycomp oil lubricated bottom end decreases running temperatures, allows for higher discharge pressures and provides compressor longevity.

Lower Speeds:
Instead of running at speeds of 1100-1400 rpm as published in the oil-less compressor literature, we run between 400 and 800 rpm. These lower speeds offer cooler running temperatures, less wear per stroke, less vibration and lower valve impact forces.

The Hycomp Difference
If we sell it, we will support you and the compressor. In conjunction with our endless technical support and customer service our customers return to Hycomp again and again for our engineered solutions because purchasing quality capital equipment is always a good idea. Some people say, “They just don’t build them like they used to,” with Hycomp it could be said, “I am glad they still build things that last.”