191.5 Miles, But Who’s Counting

Hycomp Team Hits the 2011 Ragnar Relay

A day, a night, and half a day of continuous running? Sign us up, please! Meet team “If We Weren’t All Crazy, We Would Go Insane” —a crew of Hycomp employees and friends.

June 17 – 18, the team competed in the renowned challenge of the Ragnar Relay Wasatch Back. The relay, an annual tradition for the company, covers approximately 192 miles of arduous terrain through the mountains from Logan to Park City, Utah.

Teams of twelve individuals ran three legs each, all varying in difficulty and distance (between 3 and 10 miles each). As one team member ran, the rest followed along in vans or trucks offering support, eventually meeting up at an exchange point where the next runner took on the task.

Despite steep climbs, knee injuries and sleep deprivation, team Hycomp, “Had a BLAST!” finishing with an unofficial time of 35 hours and 59 minutes.

From drenching each other with water shot from a weed sprayer to cheering for Spencer Hansen (office traffic assistant) while he ran with a Hawaiian grass skirt and coconut bra, the 2011 Ragnar certainly created memories for the Hycomp history books.

Team “If We Weren’t All Crazy, We Would Go Insane” Runners:

Spencer Hansen16.0 Miles (25.7 km)
Stacey Moss13.3 Miles (21.4 km)
Freda Lasley18.4 Miles (29.6 km)
Andrew Hansen14.6 Miles (23.5 km)
Reid Andrews13.1 Miles (21.1 km)
Robert James22.1 Miles (35.6 km)
Kyle Ricks12.0 Miles (19.3 km)
Taryn Ricks16.3 Miles (26.2 km)
Pete Hyde15.7 Miles (25.3 km)
Barbara Tidwell15.5 Miles (25.0 km)
Erin Buttars16.0 Miles (25.0 km)
Tom Knowles18.5 Miles (29.8 km)