Download sales and technical literature or independent journal/news articles about Hycomp to better understand our products and capabilities. Click on any of the links in the tables below to open the pdf.


Company Brochure

Gas Compressor Capabilities

Gas Compressor Brochure

Gas Compressor Cutaway

Air Booster Capabilities

Air Booster Brochure

Air Booster Cutaway

Air Compressor Capabilities

Air Compressor Brochure

Air Compressor Cutaway

Complete Package Capabilities

Closed-Loop Cooling Skid Data Sheet

Cold Weather Option Data Sheet

Moisture Separator Data Sheet

Duplex Data Sheet

Product Range – Standard Builds

Hycomp Odyssey Brochure


Compressor Installation and Operation Manual

Compressor Installation Checklist

Request for Quote Form – Standard System

Request for Quote Form – Engineered System

Odyssey Easy Installation Guide

Odyssey Quick Start Checklist

Odyssey Operations Manual

DS012 Data Sheet

DS015 Data Sheet

DS026 Data Sheet

DS033 Data Sheet

DS044 Data Sheet

DS060 Data Sheet

DS081 Data Sheet

DS087 Data Sheet

DS133 Data Sheet

DS192 Data Sheet

DS303 Data Sheet

DS133HP Datasheet

Warranty Documents

Warranty Information

Journal/Magazine/News Articles

“Oil-free Booster Compressors Aid Pharmaceutical Packaging” – Compressed Air Best Practices

“Protection Against Water Hammer Damage” – Compressed Air Best Practices

“Large Designs – Small Compressors at Hycomp Inc.” – Compressed Air Best Practices

“AEP plant’s CO2 slated for burial in W.Va.” (carbon dioxide sequestration) – The Columbus Dispatch

“Hycomp Goes to Great Depths With LexMar” – The LexMar ‘LESGAZ Diver Gas Reclaim’ System

“Heliox Gas Compressor Press Release” – LexMar Engineering

“Hycomp Takes Quality Personal and Mobile” – Hexagon Metrology