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Benefits of On-Site Nitrogen Compression

There are many benefits to investing in a nitrogen compression system for your facility. For example:

  • It reduces costs. The cost of nitrogen is highly variable, depending on the form and current market price. While the initial cost of purchasing and installing nitrogen generation equipment may be high, a company can realize a return on investment relatively quickly (in as little as nine to 24 months). Afterward, they would only need to pay for maintenance and energy costs, which are generally much lower than the cost of constantly purchasing nitrogen gas from a supplier.
  • It increases resource efficiency. Nitrogen delivered via truck and tank is difficult to use up completely; in most cases, some residual nitrogen remains at the bottom of the tank. In contrast, 100% of the nitrogen produced by nitrogen generators can be used.
  • It decreases maintenance requirements. Nitrogen generators require minimal maintenance. Once they are installed within the facility, they typically only require a filter change about every five to ten years.
  • It improves employee safety. Producing nitrogen gas on-site eliminates many of the safety risks associated with getting liquid nitrogen delivered. For example, if the liquid nitrogen tank leaks while it is being unloaded from the delivery vehicle, workers could be exposed to -320° F temperatures, which can cause severe skin burns and other health issues.
  • It minimizes environmental impact. On-site nitrogen compression is more sustainable than having the gas delivered to your facility. It both eliminates the emissions that would have been produced while delivering the gas tanks as well as the tanks used to store the gas. Additionally, you don’t have to order excess nitrogen to avoid potential shortages, which reduces the risk of supply going to waste.

Nitrogen Gas Booster Applications

Nitrogen gas is inert, water soluble, and compressible, all of which make it suitable for many industrial applications. While some processes can run on nitrogen supplied by external sources, many processes require a larger amount of nitrogen gas, which necessitates the use of on-site nitrogen generators for the sake of cost-efficiency.

Some of the industries that commonly use nitrogen gas compressors for their operations are:

  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Aviation
  • Carbon fiber curing
  • Chemical plants
  • Food, Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology
  • Injection molding
  • Iron mills
  • Laser cutting
  • Offshore FPSO platforms
  • Oil and gas
  • Petrochemical
  • Semiconductor
  • Steel mills

Odyssey Nitrogen Boosters

Custom Nitrogen Compressors

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