H Series Gas Compressors

Typically this series is used when the tightest gas control is required. When properly installed, this series will meet US EPA Regulations (40 CFR CH Section 264.1053.)

The ‘H’ style compressors use a double distance piece, incorporating both the ‘B’ and the ‘G’ option into a single compressor. The packing case and plenum chamber can be vented and/or purged to facilitate leakage control.

If the purge gas is at a pressure above the suction pressure of the process gas, leakage of the purge gas into the process may occur. When acceptable, a higher pressure purge is an excellent control option.

If the purge gas is at equal or lower pressure than the suction pressure of the process gas, the process gas may leak into the purge gas. This purge gas must then be vented, flared or safely dealt with in a similar way.

Multiple packing arrangements are available to configure the ‘H’ style compressor to the meet process requirements.