G Series Gas Compressors

The ‘G’ style compressors use multiple sets of gas packings on the piston rod and the packing case can be vented or purged to facilitate leakage control. If allowable any gas leakage past the packings may be vented via tubing to a safe release area.

An inert purge gas, like nitrogen, may be purged through the packing case. If the purge gas is at a pressure above the suction pressure of the process gas, leakage of the purge gas into the process may occur. In some cases this is acceptable and a higher pressure purge is an excellent control option.

If, however, the purge gas is at equal or lower pressure than the suction pressure of the process gas, the process gas may leak into the purge gas. This purge gas must then be vented, flared or safely dealt with in a similar way.

More gas packing sets significantly reduce gas loss and the chance of gas leaking into the local atmosphere.