Air Booster System Design

Even the best air boosters need to be properly installed and well-suited to the application in order to operate most effectively. We take an active role in the application and design of every installation of our boosters to ensure its success.

We begin by acknowledging that every application, and therefore every customer, has unique requirements. With this open mindset we investigate the details of the application and work out potential problems before they occur. Armed with knowledge and experience we can accurately recommend a tailored air booster to solve your individual challenge.

Regardless of whether we build the support system or help you design and build it yourself, we encourage open communication and candid information exchange.

Single stage, air-cooled bare air booster

Single stage, air-cooled air booster with NEMA 1 control panel

Single stage, water-cooled air booster with aftercooler and NEMA 4 duplex control panel