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Generally used for boosting 1.3 to 5 times existing pressure
1.5 to 100 HP
10 to 600 scfm
Up to 500 psig
Air & water cooled
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Generally used for boosting 5 to 20 times existing pressure
3 to 100 HP
15 to 300 scfm
Up to 2000 psig
Air & water cooled
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Generally used for boosting 20 to 40 times existing pressure
7.5 to 60 HP
20 to 60 scfm
Up to 3000 psig
Air cooled
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When your plant air pressure isn’t enough, call Hycomp.

Our oil free air boosters take pre-compressed air from an existing network (your plant air system) or from a low-pressure compressor and increases it to the required higher pressure. Hycomp air boosters are the perfect solution when your plant air pressure is not enough.

What you put in is what you get out. Hycomp Air Boosters are designed for no measurable air flow loss. Hycomp air boosters are oil free so no oil gets into the air stream. This is perfect for applications that need pure air or need to adhere to strict regulations, such as: fire suppression (nitrogen generation) and PET bottle blowing.

Hycomp air boosters efficiently and reliably increase your plant air pressure. Compared to a traditional stand alone high pressure air compressor, the Hycomp air booster is smaller in size. This makes your system less expensive to purchase, install and operate. Our simple and modular design is unique in our size range providing flexibility and ease of maintenance. Our adaptability allows us to manufacture a compressor that fits your specific needs from our stock supply of standard frames, cylinders and heads.

Hycomp oil free air boosters are capable of delivering a wide range of flows at pressures from 150 psig to 3,000 psig. The combinations of inlet pressure, discharge pressure and required flows are nearly limitless. We encourage you to contact us for assistance in sizing the proper air booster for your application.