Hycomp focuses exclusively on oil free compressor solutions for our customers.
Our products include oil free gas compressorsair boosters, and air compressors, providing a wide range of flexible, long lasting solutions.

Whether through one of our Standard Models or via an Engineered Solution, we take the time to understand the needs of our customers and deliver a superior oil-free product that lives up to our quality objectives and our ISO 9001 quality system standards. All of our systems are designed for a twenty year life cycle, ensuring performance and reliability when down time is not an option.

We understand the compressor is the heart of your compression system. We ensure its success in your application by designing it specifically to the needs of your installation. Our modular design approach allows us to size the compressor for your needs. In our compressor size range, Hycomp is the only compressor manufacturer that can select from a menu of standard models and configurations, but also commonly builds and specifically engineers our compressors systems for customer’s applications. You can trust Hycomp not only to learn and understand your needs, but provide a dependable, proven solution or tailor a great solution exclusively to your needs.

Hycomp is committed to supplying prompt and courteous service to our customers before, during and after the sale. We support our products for life. Our product and service excellence has been proven time and again by those who depend on us. When you contact us, you will immediately talk to a knowledgeable, trained expert who will assist you in developing your solution. Our experience equals your peace of mind.

When you have questions, Hycomp has answers.

Odyssey Air & Nitrogen Boosters

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