Presidential Hycomp chosen to receive Presidential “E” Award for Contribution to U.S. Exports
At a ceramony in Washington, D.C., U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker presented Hycomp Inc. the Presidential “E” Award.…more

2AN35D_Kateeva A Case Study in Nitrogen: Kateeva OLED Displays
California based Kateeva is creating a new class of production equipment for advanced flat panel display products like OLED (organic light-emitting diode) TVs. Through this process they questioned, what is the most efficient and effective way to compress nitrogen? …more

nitrogen A Study in Nitrogen
Nitrogen (N2) is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas that constitutes 78.08% by volume of the air we breathe. Nitrogen is an inert gas.…more

13 Natural Gas Compressor for Ceprot Systems
Ceprot Systems have been a packager of natural gas compressors for well head applications in Estonia and the Baltic region since 2005. They offer engine and motor driven reciprocating and rotary screw compressors. …more

INSTEP-1 Hycomp Donates to INSTEP for Expansion
Hycomp is proud to donate a portion of four compressor packages that were sent to Institut Teknologi Petroleum Petronas (INSTEP) in Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia. INSTEP is being expanded as part of a technical training partnership between Petrofac and Petronas. The donation is a gesture of goodwill and support for the industry, and INSTEP in particular.…more

inc Hycomp Made the List, Inc. 500|5000
For the third year in a row, Hycomp is listed on Inc. Magazine’s annual Inc. 500|5000 list, an exclusive ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies.…more

helium-2 Helium Shortage Creates Need for Reclaim Compressors
Whether you have noticed or not, a global shortage in helium (He) has existed since May of 2012. Have you recently tried to buy a floating balloon for your kid’s birthday party? You will have a hard time finding helium to fill the balloons and if you do, it is very expensive to purchase. This shortage has now reached a level the U.S. Government describes as a crisis. While the causes are many, the net result is helium prices are skyrocketing while supply is diminishing.…more

Map International Hycomp
A major contributor to Hycomp’s growth these past few years has been the international market. Hycomp has expanded its worldwide presence into eight new countries, increasing the number of countries that have Hycomp compressors to thirty.…more

Oil Pump Housing Oil Pump Housing: Bigger – Better – Stronger
We all want to torque bolts down so that they are tight and snug. But when dealing with standard NPT threads, too much torque can …more

RAGNAR RELAY 2012 Running Almost 200 Miles is Actually Pretty Fun
If you were to drive 197.4 miles it would take you between 2 and 3 hours. Running that same distance through the mountains of Utah only took our team of relay runners …more

ethylene Compression Hycomp Gas University: Ethane
Ethylene is a colorless, flammable gas with a faint odor that is sweet and musty. It is nontoxic and has been used as an …more

Hycomp Special Tools Special Tools & Engineered Solutions
When you are the only distributor around that has the right tools for the job, and when potential customers need help, who are they …more

AICD - Hycomp - 2012 AICD 2012: Return & Report
Loyalty from manufacturers to distributors was a big topic of discussion during the entire weekend. It is always an …more

Ethane Compression Hycomp Gas University: Ethane
Typically found in many gas mixtures compressed by Hycomp gas compressors, ethane is a colorless, odorless, flammable gas that is relatively inactive chemically and …more

Hycomp ID Coding System Technical Bulletin: Hycomp ID Coding System
The Hycomp documents T111 Air Compressor ID Coding System, T112 Air Booster ID Coding System and T113 Gas Compressor ID Coding System have been recently updated and …more

Niche Market Thriving in a Niche Market
Every company should have a target market in which it thrives. Hycomp flourishes in a market segment that requires oil-free and high quality compression from …more

Rome Strip Steel Rome Strip Steel: Hycomp Service Testimonial
It always feels good when someone tells you that you have done a good job, and it’s even better when a happy customer becomes a friend and …more

Krypton Hycomp Gas University: Krypton
If you have ever seen a white or green “neon” sign then chances are you have seen Krypton in action. It is not normal for a …more

Quincy QDD Discontinued Lines – Hycomp Has The Answers
Finding replacement parts for discontinued compressor models can feel like a wild search for buried treasure. If and when the parts are …more

Ammonia Hycomp Gas University: Ammonia
Ammonia is used for far more than cleaning your oven, making your crystal sparkle or repelling moths. Ammonia is the compound formed by the …more

Hycomp Tech Support When it seems like everything is going wrong, who’s got your back?
Even the best products from the highest quality companies have been known to occasionally experience a problem or two. What sets a company above the rest is how they react to …more

OEM Account Manager Meet Ben Brough: OEM Account Manager
When you contact a company in the compression industry it is very advantageous to connect with someone that truly understands what …more

Argon Hycomp Gas University: Argon
Sir William Ramsay discovered Argon with the help of Lord Rayleigh, in Scotland circa 1894. Argon is the third most abundant gas in the Earth’s atmosphere. Every year …more

Sizing Hycomp Compressors Sizing Compressors – Complete Information
When precision is paramount – information is king. A well built compressor is like a tailored suit, exact measurements need to be recorded and …more

Oil-Free Air Above 150psig - When Plant Air Pressure is Not Enough - Compressing Any Gas Other Than Air 3 Situations You Need to Know About
Hycomp compressors fit into three main situations. This may seem like an over simplified view of what Hycomp offers, and that is …more

Helium Hycomp Gas University: Helium
Helium is a unique molecule that is used for much more than inflating balloons at the county fair. After hydrogen, helium is the lightest element and …more

Pressure Drop Pressure Drop: Understand it, Plan for it
There is nothing worse than making it through a technical project only to be disrupted by some critical detail that was overlooked. Pressure drop is often overlooked, misunderstood and misdiagnosed …more

Remote Mounted Controllers Remote Mounted Controllers
The advantages of remotely mounting a compressor control panel far outweigh the disadvantages, but when hazardous conditions are not a factor, user preference takes priority …more

Natural Gas Hycomp Gas University: Natural Gas
Methane is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, flammable gas. It is the first member of the paraffin (aliphatic or saturated) series of hydrocarbons. It is the major constituent of natural gas. Methane is soluble in alcohol or ether, and slightly soluble in water …more

Gas Packings Gas Packings, Step Into The Ring: Chevron Vs. Tangent-Tangent
Piston rod gas packings perform the critical function of containing gas in the compression end of a compressor. The two most widely used gas packing design styles are …more

Carbon Dioxide Hycomp Gas University: Carbon Dioxide
Carbon dioxide is a compound of carbon and oxygen in proportions by weight of about 27.3 percent carbon to 72.7 percent oxygen. A gas at normal atmospheric temperatures and pressures, carbon dioxide is …more

Receiver Tanks Reciprocating Compressors: Pulsation Dampening Paramount
When purchasing capital equipment it is wise to protect that investment through proper packaging and installation. Inlet and discharge receiver tanks are often overlooked, but …more

Hycomp Gas University: Nitrogen Boosters Hycomp Gas University: Nitrogen
Over the next year or two we will be creating short gas information and application articles. These gas articles will be formatted to discuss the most important information one should know when …more

NAACD Hycomp NAACD: Return & Report
Our Hycomp Sales Managers headed to Florida for the 2011 NAACD conference (North American Association of Compressor Distributors) with the President of Hycomp and a …more

Hycomp Webinars Distributors: Working The Hycomp System
In the world of compressor sales, knowledge is power. Becoming a Hycomp Distributor via our “Hycomp System” of training and partnership gives our distributors the knowledge to better understand their client’s needs and to offer …more

9/11 Memorial Plaza 9/11 Memorial Plaza
September 11th means a lot more to Americans since the tragedy of 2001 took nearly 3,000 lives and decimated the World Trade Center buildings in New York. Now that same area, known as “ground zero,” has been …more

2011 INC 500/5000 Hycomp Makes The List!
We are very pleased to announce that Hycomp is currently one of the fastest growing companies in the United States according to …more

Nitrogen Market Understanding The Nitrogen Market
The market for nitrogen compression continues to expand and the applications for high pressure nitrogen are nearly everywhere. However, once you find an application, many questions still …more

Nuclear Nitrogen Booster Nuclear Nitrogen Running Strong
In 2005, the plant’s original nitrogen compression system was experiencing constant failures and proving very unreliable. The nuclear power plant needed a …more

Compressor Redundancy Downtime Hurts, Redundancy is The Answer
Redundancy is a big word in business; it can be a great word or a bad word. If you have it, it’s a really good word. If you don’t, it’s a bad reminder of when you …more

Tracking History, One Compressor at a Time
When one of our compressors is placed with an end-user we do not believe our responsibility with that customer ends, not even when the warranty period is far past …more

Hycomp Digital Control Hycomp Digital Control: Smarter & Easier
Hycomp has completely overhauled the programming in our compressor digital control systems to streamline usability and increase …more

Ragnar 2011 Distributor Training: Closing More Sales
Hycomp Distributor Training explains where we fit into your sales plan. We sell a niche product and are not looking to overtake any of your main product lines. We simply offer …more

Service Training: Success With Air Liquide
Though the crew got caught in the rain towards the end of the four-mile hike, they certainly didn’t let that dampen their spirits. Dan Davey of Air Liquide commented, “Best corporate event ever!” …more

Ragnar 2011 191.5 Miles, But Who’s Counting
A day, a night, and half a day of continuous running? Sign us up, please! Meet team “If We Weren’t All Crazy, We Would Go Insane” —a crew of Hycomp employees and friends …more

Oil-Free Gas compression Hycomp Gas Compression: Safe & Reliable
Hycomp engineers truly understand gas compression, and more importantly, we know how to engineer gas compressors and boosters that are both safe and reliable. In 1979 we were chosen to manufacture four units for the Susquehanna Nuclear Power Station. Because of the nuclear incident at Three Mile Island, this was …more

Robert J. Hunt Rob Hunt: NEW Hycomp Area Sales Manager
The beginning of this year has been very busy for Hycomp as we have experienced a myriad of jobs come roaring through our main offices. During these first fast paced few months, one bit of news we are pleased to announce is the addition of Robert J. Hunt to our team …more

Factory Service - Intuitive Edge Solid Factory Service With An Intuitive Edge
In the multi-billion dollar empire of medical product manufacturing, contaminations such as oil and debris cannot be allowed to enter the process. If a compressed air or gas system were to experience contamination of any kind, the Food and …more

2011 AICD Meeting AICD 2011: Las Vegas, May 14 – 17
The 2011 Association of Independent Compressor Distributors (AICD) meeting is just around the corner on May 14 – 17. This year The AICD meeting is heading to The Red Rock Resort in beautiful Las Vegas …more

2011 ICDA Meeting ICDA 2011: Florida – Return & Report
Rob Hunt and Ken Schiefer had the honor of attending the 32nd Annual Industrial Compressor Distributor Association (ICDA) meeting April 17 – 19, 2011. The ICDA meeting is unique in that it is attended by owners and senior management of …more

Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Hycomp & Japan
Like many Americans, we watched the Japanese tragedy unfold online and on television. We saw families mourning those they lost and we saw the fear on their faces.

Hycomp employees banded together to raise money via our own donations, with some help from a few of our vendors. Hycomp then …more

Compressed Air Best Practices & Hycomp Hycomp: Oil-free Booster Compressors Aid Pharmaceutical Packaging

In the realm of pharmaceutical production and packaging, the two most important factors with compressed air are reliability and quality. In pharmaceutical plants, our customers have emphasized this reoccurring theme over and over to paint the clear picture that reliable and high-quality air are king.

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has very stringent production process regulations, put in place to protect the public, and …more

Valve - welding slag debris Proper Filtration First Priority
You wouldn’t run your car without an air filter, so you certainly wouldn’t want to operate a compressor without proper filtration. Sounds simple enough, but some important precautions concerning filtration often go overlooked …more
Quality VS. Price Quality VS. Price
No one wants the blame for low quality unreliable equipment. Lower priced compressors may save money on the front end, but more often than not, are costly in the long run …more
Pharmaceutical Compressed Air Pharmaceuticals: Clean & Reliable Compressed Air
Engineering Support Case Study

In the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, clean and reliable compressed gas is paramount. Pharmaceutical plants must meet the Food and Drug Administration’s regulations (FDA). If the process and product is not free of contaminates, plants can …more
2010: A Letter From The President of Hycomp 2010: A Letter From The President
It’s 9am and I’m on the first leg of a twenty six hour flight to Singapore. I received an email from Delta just three days ago, telling me that because of my Medallion status, I’ve been upgraded to first class. You can imagine the feelings of gratitude that immediately flooded through me – and left just as quickly when I opened the email to find it was only for the first 1:46 segment from Salt Lake City to Portland. The remaining 24 hours I am still …more
Hycomp Distributor Protection Hycomp Distributor Protection
Have you ever heard a distributor say, “I did all the work and somebody else got the sale”? At Hycomp we understand how tough sales can be and that’s why we do all we can to protect our distributors …more
PEMEX Big Problems & Big Solutions
Big issues require big solutions, and we have the knowledge and skills necessary to handle the jobs that come our way. From the humid climate of Cadereyta, Mexico, to the extreme dry heat of the Algerian Sahara Desert, Hycomp is …more
Compressed Air Best Practices & Hycomp Hycomp: Protection Against Water Hammer Damage
When installing various water systems and specifically, municipal culinary water systems, engineers tend to focus on two main points, 1) designing an efficient system and 2) protecting that system against potential problems.

One major problem that causes severe damage or system failure for any water treatment station is water hammer shock waves. “Water Hammer” or “Hydraulic Shock” is a pressure surge or shockwave resulting when a fluid (usually a liquid but sometimes also a gas) in motion is …more

Hycomp Logo Heavy Duty Industrial Compressors
Hycomp compressors are designed, engineered and manufactured with two main goals in mind. 1) To provide performance that exceeds expectations and 2) To produce safe oil-free compressors and compressor systems that …more
Hycomp Hy-Syn Compressor Oil Hycomp Goes Synthetic
Cut the amount of oil changes your compressor needs by 75% by switching to Hycomp’s new synthetic crankcase oil. Hycomp now offers “Hy-Syn” as premium performance crankcase lubrication. Using Hy-Syn instead of traditional oil equates to 75% longer life, less downtime and …more

Click here for the Hycomp Synthetic Oil “Hy-Syn” Product Sheet

Hycomp Performance Case Study Compressor Maintenance: “No Worries”
With over 40,000 hours of operation and only oil changes for maintenance, a Hycomp nitrogen compressor in Eugene, Oregon is …more
Hycomp Packaging Options Fully Packaged to Your Application
Hycomp compressor packaging is high quality, safe, flexible, and reliable. Our engineers are the compressor experts so you don’t have to be. We will work with you to engineer a compressor system tailored to your …more
Hycomp Packaging Options Full Control & Energy Savings
The inclusion of the Hycomp Digital Controller (HDC) increases your compressor’s efficiency, precision and ease of use. It basically comes down to this question: When you need to adjust the discharge pressure or temperature switch, do you want approximate or precise adjustments? …more
How does Hycomp handle XP packaging? Hycomp Q&A: How does Hycomp handle XP packaging?
The acronym, XP stands for explosion proof. When a compressor system is referred to as XP, it is inferring containment against a potential explosion. Hycomp compressors and boosters are available with packaging and safety measures to protect personnel and property. Providing the XP is …more
Hycomp Technical Support is always available Full Hycomp Factory Support
Hycomp offers full factory support. When you need us we will be there for you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week as a standard service …more
Hycomp Q&A: How do I handle a warranty issue? Hycomp Q&A: How do I handle a warranty issue?
At Hycomp, we are very serious about our compressors. When an issue is covered by our warranty, we will do what it takes to make the situation right and build on our relationship of trust with you …more
2010 Ragnar Relay - Hycomp Team: If We Weren't All Crazy, We'd All Go Insane It’s a 189 Mile Party
Hycomp Team Finishes 2010 Ragnar Relay – Utah

If running 189 miles through the mountains of Utah sounds crazy, you are probably a normal and sane individual. If running 189 miles on a team of 12 sounds like a lot of fun, you are …more
Gas Booster Niche = Higher Profits NEW Gas Booster Niche & Higher Profits
Our gas compressor niche basically exists because most large manufacturers do not address the problems that Hycomp compressors solve. Many of the companies that have been serving this market are also pulling out of the gas compression market, even as it is growing. This increasing demand for gas compressors offers Hycomp distributors very exciting opportunities …more

Hycomp Natural Gas Compression Hycomp Q&A:
We have a growing number of natural gas opportunities.
How do we move forward addressing these with confidence?

Hycomp is an industry leader in designing, engineering and manufacturing natural gas compressors that are not only safe to use and operate, but are specifically tailored to your exact application. It is our job to be the experts; you do not need to …more

AICD Hycomp Presentation AICD Presentaion – Understanding The Booster Market
Hycomp had the opportunity this year to present information about the Air Booster and Gas Compressor niche market. Ken Schiefer led an energetic discussion about how AICD members can find opportunities and applications for these products. Ken shared some tips and tricks to understanding gas compressors and how to …more

Nitrogen Applications On The Rise Nitrogen Applications On The Rise
The demand for pure, high pressure reliable nitrogen is increasing, and Hycomp has the answers that your clients want.
In the last six months 42% of the inquires we received were for nitrogen compressors and boosters. These inquires represent …more

Hycomp at 2010 AICD Hycomp Presentation At AICD
The presentation will help distributors better understand the market and how to find more opportunities and success. The basics of air and gas boosting will be addressed. We will also delve into some key technical engineering points to help those in attendance fully understand when, where, and why air and gas boosters are …more

2010 Beaver Mtn. Bash Pond Skim Engineering A Better Cardboard Sled
The Beaver Mountain Bash: Cardboard Boxcar Derby & Pond Skim

Zooming down a snow covered hill in a cardboard box may seem like a bad idea to some people, but to those who piloted the “cardboard box derby cars,” it was …more

Application Worksheet How To Size A Compressor: Application Worksheet Success
A well built compressor is like a tailored suit, exact measurements need to be recorded and followed or the suit will not fit properly. Hycomp compressors are engineered to be an exact fit for their intended use and …more

Hycomp Oil Free Compression Q&A NEW Hycomp Q&A:
What is an air booster, how does it work and where is it applied?

What, When, Where, How & Why? Air boosters take pre-compressed air from an existing network (your plant air system) or from a low-pressure compressor and increase it to the required higher pressure. A Hycomp Oil Free Air Booster is a specially designed reciprocating …more

Ken Schiefer - Hycomp at ICDA Hycomp To Attend 2010 ICDA
Ken Schiefer, Area Manager – North America, will be representing Hycomp Inc. at the 31st Annual ICDA meeting located in Palm Springs, California on April 25 – 28. “I am very excited to talk to Gardner Denver distributors about gas compressors. Hycomp has an amazing oil free gas compressor line, and due to recent events with Gardner Denver, people are …more

Hycomp - Compressed Air Best Practices Hycomp Featured in “Best Practices”
There are many applications which require a low horsepower compressor built with the technology that has been proven in larger compressors. Often these situations are not addressed well by the general compressor industry.

Hycomp makes a point of focusing on some of these niche applications, building smaller scale units that are designed for continuous duty critical performance situations. These are the reasons that companies like Chevron, Texaco, Exxon, BP, Sonatrach, and …more

Hycomp - Factory Foundation Construction and Installation NEW Hycomp Q&A:
How do I properly mount a Hycomp compressor to a new foundation… or an existing foundation? …the answer

Hycomp Factory Startup Hycomp Factory Startup
Two key questions often come up during a capital equipment purchase. “How many other unforeseen expenses are there going to be?” and “How long will it take to be up and running?”

Hycomp Factory Startup eliminates these concerns and includes: an additional six months manufacturer warranty, efficient and worry-free startup, assurance that proper installation guidelines were followed and system training for end user technicians …more

Hycomp Factory Startup and Testing Hycomp Factory Testing
At our Hycomp factory in Northern Utah, we test every compressor we manufacture to ensure that it performs as designed.

Each compressor is tested for a minimum of four hours under application simulated conditions to ensure that the compressor startup is safe and reliable …more

Hycomp Oil Free Question & Answer The Hycomp Question & Answer page is a place where you are invited to ask us questions and we will respond and post the answers. We would like to answer any questions you may have about Hycomp, our products or anything compressor engineering related.

Do have a question about valve replacement, are you not sure which size J-bolt to use when building a foundation or how to properly size a compressor or booster? We have the information you need and each question is answered anonymously, so no one will know who submitted the inquiry. You ask the questions and Hycomp will answer, its that simple …more

Petrofac ElMerk Algeria Hycomp Awarded Petrofac Contract
Hycomp, Inc. has been awarded a compressor design, build, installation and service contract by Petrofac International LTD. Petrofac is one of the largest design, build and investment companies for oil & gas production projects in the Middle East with annual revenues of $3.3 Billion (USD) and a backlog approaching $8 Billion (USD). Hycomp will be supplying Petrofac, the primary contractor for the El Merk Central Processing Facility (CPF), with a nitrogen …more

New on Hycomp Website What’s New On The Hycomp Website
At Hycomp, we are pressing forward in the areas of distributor communication and engineering involvement, while keeping up our commitment to quality, reliability and safety.

So, visit hycompusa.com often as new content is continuously being added. We have added three new pages: “Engineer to Engineer,” “Question & Answer” and …more

LexMar and Hycomp Heliox News Hycomp In The News
Near the end of 2009, Hycomp compressors made the news, in print and online.

Hycomp Wet CO2 Burial (Sequestration)
In late October a specialized Hycomp gas compressor was reported on as being utilized to inject carbon dioxide deep into the earth …more

LexMar: “LesGaz Diver Gas Reclaim” System
Five Hycomp Heliox gas compressors received DNV approval for use in breathing air reclamation for divers at depths of 300 meters …more

Letter From The President: 2009 In Review

Now that 2009 is in the rear-view-mirror, I thought I would share a few 2009 Hycomp achievements with our valued Distributors, Dealers, and other industry friends.

First off, we are very proud to announce that in the midst of a hard-hitting recession and a very difficult climate for capital equipment expenditures, our revenues grew for a fifth straight year. We give a lot of credit to our valued Distributors, Dealers, end users and employees for…more

Hycomp Newsletter The New Hycomp Newsletter: Performance Under Pressure
Our Monthly Publication Designed With YOU In Mind
First Issue: January 2010 – Volume 1, Issue 1

January 2010 marked the launch of our new Hycomp newsletter: Performance Under Pressure. These newsletters are designed with our distributors and their client’s in mind. Our main goal is to inform with useful tools and inspire with success story examples …more

Click here for the January 2010: Performance Under Pressure (PDF)

Ragnar Relay - Hycomp Team: Performance Under Pressure Hycomp Runs For Glory?
The 188 Mile 2009 Ragnar Wasatch Back Relay

So what do you get when you load two large vehicles with 2 drivers, 12 runners, and collectively run 188 miles (302.6 km) on next to no sleep? Two vans full of stinky, zombie-like crazy relay runners who are …more
ROMER INFINITE 2.0 CMM Hycomp’s Newest Piece Of Equipment

The ROMER INFINITE 2.0 Portable Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) is Hycomp’s newest equipment addition. The Romer CMM has six joints of fully articulated movement to track and record measurements. This translates to an even higher level of …more

Click here for the published journal article: “Hycomp Takes Quality Personal and Mobile”