Energy Oil GasMuch of Hycomp’s growth over the past decade is a result of further experience and expertise in addressing some of the big challenges in the Energy, Oil, and Gas industry.

From applications at well head locations to refineries, onshore and offshore, and other related processing facilities, Hycomp has the background and experience to provide solutions that meet the stringent reliability and safety requirements of your Energy, Oil, and Gas Industry applications on a domestic and international scale.

Our experiences with Inert Gas Blanketing, Vapor Recovery, Heavy Hydrocarbon Processing, Gas Sequestration, Steam Reforming, Gas Separation, and supply of Instrument Air in Energy industry applications, ensure a successful application in your business.

Whether the need is for one of our standard model configurations or whether it is for a complex compressor plant designed per the customer’s requirements, we have the knowledge and the experience to satisfy your requirements with safe and reliable compressor system solutions for the Energy industry.

Our Experience. Your peace of mind.