Webinar Series

New to the compressor industry? Want to ensure you know your stuff? Need a quick refresher on Hycomp Oil-Free Boosters? Hycomp will be hosting two webinars in the coming months. These will focus on the basics of compressors in general, and then our unique Odyssey Line featuring our standard Oil-free booster products. Details on each are listed below!

Odyssey Series Webinar – Oct. 29th, 2019 (dealer &OEM only)

Join our sales team live for just an hour to learn all about our convenient standard Odyssey Oil-free  boosters. Get a walk-through of our full toolkit (datasheets, pricing, sizing, warranty, etc.) to quickly size and price our boosters on your own and have access to high quality literature to support your customer’s specific application.  There will be opportunities to ask questions about the Oil-free reciprocating booster technology, maintenance, markets and applications. We can customize a Webinar for your specific sales team if you prefer a personal and custom approach. Contact us to discuss those options as well!


Compressor Fundamentals Webinar – Nov. 20th, 2019

This webinar is for anyone that has questions about compressors. Even those with professional knowledge can learn more about the intricacies of a Hycomp reciprocating compressor. Kyle Ricks, one of our Account Managers, will be sharing expertise from his 11 years of professional experience by discussing sizing, applications, and capacity (flow, discharge, and more). Come brush up on your compressor basics to keep your skills in the compressed air and gas industry sharp.