Nitrogen Compression

Reference the table below for common industries and applications using Nitrogen

Industry Nitrogen Use
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Laser Cutting Boosting pressure from nitrogen generators to required pressure
Steel Mills Blanketing gas to prevent oxidation and prevent explosive conditions
Iron Mills Oil free nitrogen blanketing for direct-reduction iron process
Carbon Fiber Curing Autoclaves, ovens and curing facilities
Automotive Manufacturing Eliminate moisture while pressurizing, blanketing, and inerting tanks
Aviation Prolonging aircraft tire life while improving safety and performance.
Off Shore FPSO Platforms Blanketing gas for fire suppression and other onboard applications
Chemical Plants Prevention of chemical contamination and explosive conditions
Injection Molding Gas assisted injection molding for pharmaceuticals
Petrochemical Blanketing during production
Oil Field Gas re-injection to elevate well production and vapor recovery
Coil/Valve/Tube Manufacturing Pressure test coils, valves, tubes to ensure leak tight operation
And other applications where elevated nitrogen pressures are needed.