“It has been a pleasure working with Hycomp since 2000 we have developed a relationship of co-operation and have had many successful installations. Working with you and your people is always positive; we appreciate the knowledge and professionalism shown at all times. We look forward to a continuing relationship for many years into the future.

“As an integrator of systems that incorporates Hycomp compressors, I have always been pleased with the quality of your compressors. I would strongly recommend Hycomp compressors as a reliable product, and Hycomp as an excellent company to work with. ”

Joe Moretti
Industrial Solutions, LLC

“Our project was is dire need of a manufacturer who could provide a top quality compressor system in a short amount of time. Hycomp’s sales staff was fast, fair and professional while setting up the contract terms and manufacturing schedule. After the sale, the engineering support was prompt and diligent in addressing any concerns. We are completely satisfied. ”

Joe Bustos
Project Manager
MMC, Inc.

“…I operate four Hycomp model 2WN61G reciprocating compressors…

“All four Hycomp compressors have operated reliably for their entire lifetime. The maintenance is straightforward and inexpensive. The factory support is outstanding. I have not experienced any compressor failures in their operating history. Since these compressors supply compressed nitrogen to operate critical components in a nuclear power plant, that reliability has been very important to me.

“…I would highly recommend the Hycomp reciprocating compressors to anyone who desires reliability and endurance in their compressed gas systems.”

Jeff Jeanguenat
System Engineer
PPL Susquehanna, LLC

“Hycomp service is outstanding! The compressor line is very good. We have nothing but accolades for Hycomp.”

Sean Welch
Senior Plant Operator
Norco, Inc.

“Hycomp gas compressors excel at vapor recovery applications…the configuration of the Hycomp compressor with its distance piece allows us to build a safe package rated for Class 1, Division 1 electrical. ”

Steve Krupski
Production Systems Sales and Service
9911 N U S Hwy 14 & 16
Gillette, Wyoming 82717

“The Hycomp compressor has performed very well for us…”

Rick Schneid
Maintenance Foreman
Bayer Material Science

“Hycomp gas compressors have outperformed any other competitor. The units keep up with demand and are cost efficient. Our evaluations show the compressors gave us a payback within an eight month period.”

“We tried one Hycomp compressor running our TRUMPF laser cutting machines. We now have four Hycomp gas compressors.”

Eddie Cunningham
Pratt & Whitney

Hycomp Loyalty

Distributor Protection

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