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Nitrogen Generation Oil Free Air Booster Hycomp Air Booster
Model: AN68F-B201
Gas: Air
Suction Pressure: 87 psig
Discharge Pressure: 160 psig
Flow: 398 scfm

Click on air booster image to enlarge.On FPSO (Floating Production, Storage and Offloading) vessels it is very important to safeguard the harvested petroleum against flashpoint/explosions. An international offshore drilling contractor needed a high pressure air supply for their nitrogen generation system, which is used in blanketing the petroleum – effectively protecting crew and cargo.

Safety and reliability is always paramount when handling flammable materials. Nitrogen membrane technology collects nitrogen from the local atmosphere. Pressurized air is fed through hollow fiber membranes to collect the nitrogen. The air flow must remain clean and oil free. Any contaminants would destroy the separator membrane.

Hycomp designed the AN68F-B201 oil free air booster to mate with the nitrogen generation system and supply both the pressure and flow required. The air booster is coated with a corrosive resistant offshore marine sealant to protect it from the open sea environment. Stainless steel piping and brass components are also utilized against the harsh conditions. This customer now has two of these air boosters on separate FPSO rigs in Norwegian waters and a nitrogen gas compressor on another rig in the Indian Ocean.

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PET Bottle Blow Molding Oil Free Air Booster Hycomp Air Booster
Model: WN28F-B301
Gas: Air, -40F pdp
Suction Pressure: 135 psig
Discharge Pressure: 600 psig
Flow: 440 scfm total

Click on air booster image to enlarge.A purified water bottling company needed continuous duty high-pressure oil free air to blow mold their PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles. A quick delivery was required on a duplex system, as the need for high pressure oil free air had been overlooked until the bottling machines were ready to be delivered.

With 135-psig clean plant air available, Hycomp recommended a duplex oil free BoostAirTM air booster package. The duplex system was approved, produced and shipped within the short six week time frame needed to start production. By compressing the existing plant air to 600 psig this Hycomp air booster met the customer’s requirements for their process.

Not only were energy costs reduced by using the existing plant air, but capital investment was lower because the customer was able to adapt to their existing compressor system. The customer is now able to provide their advertised water in its pristine natural state using the oil free high-pressure Hycomp air boosters.

Click here for a visual example of how Hycomp air boosters operate.