Natural Gas Compressors & Boosters

At Hycomp, we are a premier manufacturer of oil-free gas and air compressors and boosters. In addition to offering a broad range of standard products, we have the capabilities to produce custom systems for highly specific or unique applications, such as natural gas operations.

Natural gas is a reliable, clean, and cost-effective fuel, which is why it is used in the equipment and tools of numerous industrial and commercial applications. However, many of these devices and systems require higher pressures (20 psig or more) than natural gas service can normally provide (3 to 5 psig). For these situations, natural compressors and boosters are required.

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How Do Natural Gas Compressors & Boosters Work?

Natural Gas Compressors and Boosters

How Natural Gas Compressors Work

Compressors work by channeling gas into containers and pressurizing it. The transfer and compression of the gas is accomplished by mechanically capturing and moving it through various pumping technologies. Absolute containment of every gas we compress is paramount. Hycomp utilizes piston ring and piston rod gas packing materials that are specifically matched to the gas or gases being compressed to ensure maximum containment.Natural gas compressors are designed to decrease the volume of natural gas by increasing its pressure. They are generally employed for one of two purposes: storing large quantities of gas in containers or distributing gas through pipelines. However, they can be used for other specialized applications.

How Natural Gas Boosters Work

Natural gas boosters are also designed to increase the pressure of gas. They are suitable for applications involving multiple connected devices and systems that require different gas pressure levels.

Types of Natural Gas Compressors

Natural gas compressors can be divided into a variety of categories, including positive displacement, dynamic, single-stage, and multi-stage.

Hycomp utilizes positive displacement, reciprocating piston technology for its natural gas compressors. Pressures up to 3,000 psig and flows to match the application requirements provide a broad spectrum of uses in the marketplace.

Benefits of Natural Gas Compressors

Natural gas compressors carry a number of benefits when integrated properly. For example:

  • They facilitate the storage and distribution of clean fuel.
  • Compressed volume increases distribution efficiency
  • Consistent and safe pressure management

Applications of Natural Gas Compressors

Due to their many benefits, natural gas compressors find application in many industries and operations. Besides being used to store and distribute natural gas, they are also used to move LPG between tanks. Additionally, some upstream oil and gas operations use high-pressure compressors for gas lifting and vapor recovery.

Natural Gas Compressors & Boosters at Hycomp

If you’re looking for quality natural gas compressors, Hycomp is here to help. We carry single-, two-, three-, and four-stage compressors. Standard models are designed to 1,200 psig, but limited models can be designed to 3,000 psig. To learn more about our compressors and how they can benefit your operations, contact us or request a quote today.