Helium Compressors

Hycomp Inc. is a leading producer of oil-free compressors as well as air and nitrogen boosters. Our portfolio includes both standard and custom helium compressors.

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Helium compressors transfer helium gas at a higher pressure for storage and other processes. Helium is both rare and costly, so helium recovery and reuse are necessary for cost-effective helium compressor systems. The following overview provides information about helium compressor systems.

What Is a Helium Compressor?

Hycomp helium compressors utilize reciprocating piston technology to capture fresh, mixed or recovered helium at atmospheric or higher inlet pressures. Depending on the flow and pressure requirements, multiple stages may be used to efficiently compress and transfer the gas.


Benefits and Applications of Helium Compressors

Helium Compressors


Helium compressors offer many advantages for a variety of applications. These are the primary benefits of choosing Hycomp helium compressors:

Safety: Gas Containment and Interaction

At Hycomp, we provide three highly secure gas leakage control methods. Our B series controls inert gases, while our G series contains standard industrial gases. Our H series works for the highest level of gas control.

In safe compression, it’s important to consider the mixture as a whole in addition to individual gases. Certain gaseous mixtures can result in potentially dangerous interactions, causing them to become more toxic, corrosive, or flammable. To ensure safe operations, turn to Hycomp for expert guidance.

Flexibility: Materials and Conditions

We custom-engineer solutions based on each customer’s individual requirements. Detail your specific needs, and our experts will design a custom compressor with the appropriate materials and compatibility to meet your application. Our high-quality materials can meet the proper requirements for the majority of industrial gases.

Reliability: Continuous and Oil-Free

With slower operating speeds, Hycomp gas compressors offer continuous, reliable operation. This design enables them to operate 60 minutes per hour, 24 hours per day, and 365 days per year without compromising quality or efficiency. As a result, our compressors eliminate the risk of unexpected downtime.


In addition to general industrial applications, these operations and industries rely on helium compressors:

  • Particle accelerators
  • Aerospace
  • Nuclear medicine
  • Research institutions
  • Helium mining
  • Military
  • Heliostat applications
  • Commercial gas filling plants

Considerations When Compressing Helium

Compressing helium is a complex operation that requires in-depth expertise. Some of the challenges of helium compression include:

Helium Heats Up During Compression

Because of its low molecular weight, helium gas heats up quickly when compressed. To resolve this issue, Hycomp offers specially designed helium compressors featuring reduced compression ratios between stages. This prevents overheating because the gas cools at decreased pressure intervals.

Helium Often Leaks

Due to its small molecular size, helium has a tendency to leak more than other gases, especially during compression. Hycomp compressors feature an inlet gas stream that recovers any helium that leaks beyond the gas packings and piston rings. In addition, the compressor’s vertical design, open distance piece, and oil scrapers keep the lube oil in the crankcase, ensuring that the helium remains pure.

Helium Needs High Pressure for Efficient Storage

Hycomp carries multiple compressor models that can handle up to 3000 psig (207 barg). This amount of pressure maximizes storage space and ensures that there is enough pressure to support any helium scrubbing process.

Choose Helium Compressors at Hycomp

For over a decade, Hycomp compressors have assisted with helium recovery in a variety of harsh environments. Our compressors give a return on investment within as little as six months and a service life exceeding 20 years, making them a worthwhile investment for any application.

Hycomp’s oil-free gas compressors can deliver a wide range of pressures and flows, with standard models designed to 1200 psig and limited models for up to 3000 psig. We can also manufacture custom gas compressors using our inventory of standard cylinders, frames, and heads.

For more information about Hycomp gas compressors, contact us today. To get started on a custom solution for your application, request a quote at any time.

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