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Gas Compressor Brochure

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Gas Compressor Design

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List of Gases

List of Gases

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When You Need to Compress Any Gas Other Than Air, Call Hycomp.

Hycomp oil free gas compressors are capable of delivering a range of flows and pressures. Standard models are designed to 1200 psig with limited models to 3000 psig. As the combinations of inlet pressure, discharge pressure, required flow and gas type are nearly limitless, we encourage you to contact us for assistance in sizing the proper gas compressor for your application.

Hycomp’s modular compressor design is unique in our size range. No competing manufacturer offers the ability to change bore and stroke sizes so readily. Our adaptability allows us to manufacture a compressor that fits your specific needs, from our stock supply of standard frames, cylinders and heads.

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Gas Compressor Case Studies

Single Stage

Up to 100 HP
10 to 600 scfm
Up to 750 psig
Air & water cooled

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Two Stage

Up to 100 HP
15 to 300 scfm
Up to 2000 psig
Air & water cooled

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Three Stage


Up to 60 HP
20 to 60 scfm
Up to 3000 psig
Air & water cooled

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