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Odyssey Booster Case Studies

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When You Need Oil Free Air Above 150 psig, Call Hycomp.

Our reciprocating oil fee air compressors can provide higher pressures than other standard units such as rotary screw compressors. We use top-quality components that allow for extended maintenance intervals and result in longer life expectancies. When maintenance is needed, our design features offer easy access for servicing or replacing parts.

Hycomp’s oil free design simply means that no oil enters the compression end of the compressor. Our crankcases are oil lubricated and are separated from the compression cylinders by our distance piece. This distance piece combined with our self‐adjusting oil scrapers keep the oil out of the cylinders and your air stream pure.

Our simple, modular design is unique in our size range providing flexibility and ease of maintenance. This adaptability allows us to manufacture a compressor for your specific requirements, from our supply of standardized frames, displacement combinations and component material selections.

Hycomp oil free air compressors are capable of delivering a wide range of flows at low to intermediate pressures. For higher pressure & flow applications consider our air booster series.

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Air Compressor Case Studies

Two Stage


Air & Water cooled range: Up to 220 psig, 140 scfm, and 50 HP

Case Studies

Three Stage


Air & Water cooled range: Up to 450 psig, 40 scfm, and 50 HP

Case Studies