There are four common methods used to increase air pressure at the point of use. Investigate these and you will discover Hycomp air boosters are undoubtedly the best choice:

  1. Install a Hycomp air booster.

    Hycomp air boosters are small, efficient, industrial, and oil free, providing lower upfront and installation costs, lower long term energy costs, lower maintenance costs and no cleanup costs. This is a simple turnkey solution that doesn’t sacrifice industrial strength and durability. All you supply is air inlet/discharge connections and power. Contact us today to find out more.

  2. Increase the pressure of the plant air compressors.

    This is the least economical method. The power costs to raise a 100 HP air system pressure from 100 to 125 psig can be over 3,000 dollars a year. Assuming only 10 horse power worth of higher pressure air is required a Hycomp booster compressor can save 2700 dollars a year in electrical costs. If the pressures required are above the maximum working pressure of the existing compressors or piping system, this method may not even be possible.

  3. Install a standalone high pressure air compressor.

    A high pressure compressor can provide the flow and pressure required, but at a much greater up front unit and installation cost and long term electrical costs than an air booster. Because Hycomp air boosters take pre-compressed air from the plant air system, less work is performed by the booster and it will be smaller, quieter, and use less horsepower than a standalone high pressure compressor. Additionally, as Hycomp air boosters are oil free, no extra high pressure cleanup equipment is required.

  4. Install an air amplifier.

    While an air amplifier is easy to install because it is pneumatically driven and only requires air without electrical service, air amplifiers are notoriously inefficient, bleeding 60 percent of the air pressure into the atmosphere. This increases the long term costs well above the initial savings. Unlike air boosters, air amplifiers are not made for heavy duty service, often requiring service intervals in the 100’s of hours. In contrast, Hycomp air boosters are driven by an efficient electric motor and built for industrial, long term service with minimal service intervals in the 1000’s of hours.


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