Question: What do we need to understand differences between SCFM, ACFM and ICFM measures of flow and what is needed to provide a solution? Answer: Volumetric flow measurements can be confusing and some equipment manufacturers tend to be a little vague in order to reflect positively on the performance of their equipment. The first reason […]

Gas Compression: Safe & Reliable

Hycomp engineers truly understand gas compression, and more importantly, we know how to engineer gas compressors and boosters that are both safe and reliable. In 1979 we were chosen to manufacture four units for the Susquehanna Nuclear Power Station. Because of the nuclear incident at Three Mile Island, this was an extremely sensible decision. Pennsylvania […]

Redundancy is The Answer

Redundancy is a big word in business; it can be a great word or a bad word. If you have it, it’s a really good word. If you don’t, it’s a bad reminder of when you should’ve had it. Downtime costs and loss of production time can really hurt a company, when you have backup […]

Reciprocating: Pulsation Dampening Paramount

When purchasing capital equipment it is wise to protect that investment through proper packaging and installation. Inlet and discharge receiver tanks are often overlooked, but make all the difference in protecting a compression system and providing consistent pressure to any air/ gas boosting application. Pressure waves caused by the inherent nature of reciprocating compressors must […]

Pressure Drop

There is nothing worse than making it through a technical project only to be disrupted by some critical detail that was overlooked. Pressure drop is often overlooked, misunderstood and misdiagnosed. Pressure drop is often the cause of excessive energy consumption and poor system performance. If unaddressed before the purchase of a compressor or booster, you […]


Description: Nitrogen (N2) is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that constitutes 78.08% of the volume of the air we breathe. Nitrogen is an inert gas; the term inert basically means unreactive. Nitrogen occurs in all living organisms. Nitrogen is a constituent element of amino acids and thus of proteins and nucleic acids (DNA and […]

Gas Packings: Chevron Tangent-Tangent

Piston rod gas packings perform the critical function of containing gas in the compression end of a compressor. The two most widely used gas packing design styles are Chevron and Tangent-Tangent. There are pros and cons to both designs. However, Hycomp employs the Tangent- Tangent packing style due to quality and efficiency. The following article […]

Foundation Installation

Question: How do I properly mount a compressor to a new foundation or an existing one? Answer: Proper installation has a direct relationship with the operation and longevity of a compressor. When an installation is done right, the compressor is mounted to a secure foundation to minimize vibration and ensure correct operation. When the installation […]

Proper Filtration First Priority

You wouldn’t run your car without an air filter, so you certainly wouldn’t want to operate a compressor without proper filtration. Sounds simple enough, but some important precautions concerning filtration often go overlooked. The number one problem with new installations of air and gas boosters is debris from the piping system damaging the new compressor. […]